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Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 317: Remembering Papa Nat

Today is the one year anniversary of the passing of a very special man. Papa Nat as he was known to so many, has been gone for one year. Hard to believe that a year has passed.

Pictured here is me with Nat and Suzee Markowitz. Nat is responsible for introducing Suzee and I 20 years ago, and as you know she is a dear special friend.

Nat Sherman touched the lives of so many and has left an indelible mark on all our hearts. His grand generosity, kindness, tenacity, and love was shared with everyone he met. Not just his immediate family, including his beloved wife Lois, and children and grandchildren, but all the people whose lives he touched a long the way.

The memories created with Nat over a relationship that spanned some 30 years is what warms my heart. He loved my mother Suzanne unconditionally and was an outstanding father & grandfather. He is missed very much today, but remembered in the hearts of us all.

Pictured here is Nat with his lovely Lois... We miss you very much Papa Nat!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 316: Go Willamette University

Today Willamette University wrapped up their fourth and final game in a 4 game series in Southern California.

Yesterday they played a double header. First game at
Claremont-Mckenna, a win for Willamette ... second game against Pomona College, unfortuna
tely a loss for Willamette.

Today we played Occidental College in Eagle Rock, California. It was pretty much a blow-out, Willamette
17, Occidental 2. It was a beautiful day, with sunshine, a beautiful campus and surrounded by fabulous Willamette parents and family Auntie Stacie and cousins Elias & Gabriella. Brandon sure is a loved kid that is for sure!

I am exhausted from all this baseball, driving, conversations...
every bone in my body is aching and I didn't even take to the field (ha-ha!).

In all seriousness, thank you to all the dear family & friends who came out to show their support & love for Brandon and us... it was a magical weekend, with a birthday celebratio
n, lots of great baseball at the college level, dear friends & family...

A special thanks to Brandon's good friend Kalli Norimoto for coming home from her Arizona State University to celebrate Brandon's birthday
and attend his games, and for taking all the fabulous photos you view on my Blog...

Pictured here are Brandon & Kalli

It was a whirlwind weekend... Go Bearcats, Go Brandon...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 315: Go Bearcats, Go Brandon!

Oh my gosh! Today was a moment in time. Have you ever experienced a time where you just want to freeze the moment so you can soak it up more? Well that was me today.

Being a parent is the most challenging & rewarding work a person can perform... and when a moment
like today comes along, you know all your efforts were worth the heartache.

College boy Brandon was starting
today... meaning the starting pitcher for the second game in a 4 game series that Willamette University was playing in Southern California. This morning's game was against Claremont-McKenna, part of the 5 Claremont Colleges, in Claremont, California. If you live in the area you know that today was the coldest day on record for Los Angeles county.

We arrived prepar
ed with jackets, hats, blankets, and umbrellas. When we arrived at the ball field after an hour drive, a stop at Subway to pick up 50 sandwiches for Brandon's teammates, a caravan of two cars with 8 people, and a hot chocolate stop... we finally sat in the stands and thought the sky has cleared, we are good to go for Brandon's starting game. And then all hell broke loose.

It began to hail, no joke, down pouring of rain and hail! I
t was crazy. The hosting ball players had to roll out the tarp (no easy job!) to cover the field to prevent damage and we had to wait it out. Luckily mother nature was on our side and after about 15 minutes the skies opened up again and the sun peered through. While it was freezing, it was not raining so it was time to PLAY BALL. And did we play ball!

Brandon Simon took the mound like a pro ... even after 15 years of watching him pitch, my stomach still swirled especially because here he was in front of his parents, his brothers, his brother's friends, his Aunt Michele and cousins Esme & Olivia and all the fans and I know he wanted to deliver.

Pictured here with Brandon is his cousin Olivia, aka, his little sister!

And deliver he did. He pitched 8 innings out of a 9 inning game. He threw 99 pitches, 6 strikeouts and the Bearcats won with a 4-1 score. It was magical. Pure excellence and command of the field. It was a moment, and one I will never forget!

Your children will make choices you may not support, they may disappoint you with decisions you believe to be foolish, but a day like today reinforces that all the hours you spent at the ball park watching them play t-ball and beyond, all the meals you prepared, all the time you gave to them and not yourself, does pay-off. Luck doesn't raise healthy children, you do!

Thank you Brandon for being a remarkable 20 year old young man!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 314: PLAY BALL

Today Willamette University is in town for a 4-game tournament! Yeah, that means I get to see college boy Brandon and his teammates play some great college ball!

Today was their first game against Chapman University in Orange County.
Two of Brandon's best pals, Ryan Wysocki & Kalli Norimoto met Brian and I at the house and we drove together to the game.

After the game Brandon was able to join us for dinner so we headed off to a belated Birthday dinner for him ! We had such a great time being with him and the college age kids and celebrating his Birthday!

Yes, can you
believe we have a 20
year old child, wow! He had a 1o o'clock curfew so we dropped him back at the hotel and headed home. We clocked 9 hours today of baseball and driving! I'm exhausted and off to bed to get up and do it all over again tomorrow!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 313: Computer Saga

Ugh! Still challenged by computer complications! While technology has certainly made parts of our lives more current, convenient, and fun... the downside is that we are so dependent on our "tools" that when they malfunction, you feel like you are malfunctioning!

So today was more fine tuning, and trying to get me up and running smoothly. Meanwhile, I am behind on submitting proposals, updating my Blog, and responding to emails.
I'm not in a very happy mood about all this computer mess!

I did however, make it over to Abbe Land & Lindsey Horvath's campaign offices to make more voter phone calls on behalf of their campaigns. At least that was a productive part of my day!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 312: Birthday Tunes

I'm going to hold off on updating you on my computer ordeal until tomorrow and instead post about my long distance run today & my fabulous early Birthday present from kid sis Jennifer!

Remember a few days ago I posted about borrowing hubby Brian's ipod and how fun it was to run with music... well the little one and her darling be
au Kevin, bought me an early 50th Birthday present... a PINK ipod.

Pictured here is the kid sis and me in New York over our Thanksgiving trip this past November.

This past weekend
teenager Harrison
transferred my play list from Brian's ipod on to the little bugger and today was my first time using it! Wow, how cool... it's tiny enough to clip on anywhere and the music was terrific! He even downloaded two of my favorite songs to add to the list... Thug Mansion by Tupac (2pac) and Forget You, by Cee Lo Green, awesome!

Athletic trainer & friend Melody kicked my ass once again today...
21 fucking miles is all I can
say. Everything hurts. My feet, knees, hips, lower back, bowels, and new blisters on my boobs, is there anything left on my body?

Pictured here is me and Melody celebrating her birthday last year!

So I have made it to 21, which still leaves 5.2 more miles to go to 26.2, and one month left. No doubt I'll finish the race, I have always finished every project I have ever begun, I'm not a quitter. But it hurts, I mean really hurts!

Thank goodness for my little pink friend, she'll come in handy when I need a little inspiration to keep
me logging those miles. Thank you Jennifer & Kevin for what is truly a very thoughtful, useful and loving gift! They even had it engraved to say Happy 50th Birthday! What could be better?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 311: Computer Update

Oh my goodness... nothing is ever easy, is it! So if you read yesterday's post you obviously know how pissed off I was about my computer. So today was the day to take action and get this problem resolved! I made contact with my tech gal, Kristie Davidson (more on her later) and on her professional recommendation, I headed to Costco to make my hefty purchase.

Well, if you know me you know I don't
"do" Costco... makes me anxious with all the people and crazy crowds, too much product, too many choices, and then I end up leaving the store spending $500 dollars! But today I was on a mission. Just a computer & printer. No other items!

I didn't feel confident taking this adventure alone, so I enlisted gal pal Lisa Martin to go with me! She maneuvers these stores and missions very well!

Pictured here are me and kid sis Jennifer with Lisa last year in New York for my 49th Birthday!

Of course the salespeople in the electronics department were hor
rible. They were not knowledgeable on the products they carry and could care less if I was about to drop $1,000 in their store. Well they should because customers like me help them keep their jobs! Why can't any sales clerk take pride in their damn job! UGH!

Well the first Costco didn't have the computer I wanted (what a surprise), but I was told that the Hawthorne location had several Sony all-in-one wireless computers in stock. So gal pal Lisa, being the BFF that she is, said, "let's head to Hawthorne." Ugh! again!

Of course the Costco dude doesn't tell us there are TWO Hawthorne locations (of course) so then I had to call and can you believe the woman HUNG UP on me when I inquired on store location and about the inventory for the computer I was looking for!

By this point I am sweating, I mean really shivitsing!
Well we finally found the correct store (very easy, right off the 405 freeway!) and unit I wanted, with thanks to Kristie who I kept calling to make sure I was buying the right products! Whew!

First phase of my mission was completed!

Tomorrow will be phase two... hours spent on setting the new system up!
Can you say Kristie "Help me!" Stay tuned!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 310: So Furious!!!!

I'm so angry, frustrated, furious, pissed off I really can't see straight -- nor can I adequately post on my daily Blog! My computer has exploded. I'm lost without access to my documents, and life! So sit patiently my dedicated followers as I won't be able to post in the fashion I like to... this post is being written from my son's Mac computer and I'm just not a mac user... everything is different about this device, I don't have my images stored here, or all the other bells & whistles I use to make my Blog look "pretty."

With so much going on politically, in my life, with the boys, I'm so mad that I can't share with you my daily observations, thoughts, passions & musings! Check back tomorrow and maybe my head & computer will be acting more appropriately!

Fucking technology is all I can say!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 309: 30th Birthday Party & Lakewood Campaigning

Today I headed out to Lakewood to walk precincts for gal pal and fabulous city council candidate Marisa Perez. This was on the heels of a fabulous 30th birthday party I attended last night for Melissa Solomon. Melissa is Lissa & Ken Solomon's daughter and those Solomon's really know how to host a party!

Pictured here is me and Ken (holding the slider) and gal pals Stacy Bell & Stacy Fischler.

They had a fabulous food truck parked in front of the house offering sliders and onion rings, so yummy. All the cocktails were "pink" and there was a fun photo booth ... all this despite the downpour
of rain! But they pulled it off and a great time was had by all.

Today the sun was shining and it was crisp and cool, a perfect day to walk and talk to voters. Marisa is in a tough race up against the "establishment" which doesn't welcome fresh new players very
often. Most of the incumbents have been in office for 20 or 30 years (no term limits, although voting is considered a term limit, and these guys have had few challengers & never got voted out of office).

She's working very hard and knows what she's talking about... I just hope the Lakewood voters recognize what she offers and cast their votes for her on March 8th.

Campaigning can be very rewarding, but also very frustrating. But today we walked,
and talked to voters, and spread her message. It was all good!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 308: More Campaigning

You can surely tell we have an election coming up. Yep, March 8th is Election Day and there are lots of hot races around the county. Today I spent time phone banking for Abbe Land & Lindsey Horvath, both running for re-election in West Hollywood.

Unfortunately their campaigns, as many campaigns often do, have turned a bit ugly. Untruthful and nasty rumors being spread, accusations lobbied at them, unsubstantiated and unverified news reports being written, ah brings up all the fun stuff from campaigning - NOT!

It is really unfortunate that people can't just let the candidates have their positions, if you agree, great, if not support someone else. But don't go negative or ugly!

Check out my post #306 to learn more about Abbe & Lindsey, both committed public servants.

If you live in Beverly Hills you are not immune to nasty politics either.

Same rumor machine and misinformation... do your own research on your candidates, don't just believe everything you read or hear.

I'm supporting the re-election of Nancy Krasne, and the election of Lili Bosse.

Nancy was a champion of mine when I ran for Los Angeles City Council. As we know, I lost. Nancy then ran as a first time candidate and kicked ass!
She is direct and honest and the type of person you want watching the city coffers and business.

While Lili is a first time candidate, she is not new to politics in Beverly Hills. She is a long time public servant serving on many city boards and commissions for more than a decade. A reliable volunteer, and public school booster she learned the ropes by actually doing the work. She would be a great compliment to Nancy and I'd love to see these two women rock it together.

In the meantime, let's hope that over the next two weeks the ugliness of politics and campaigning will subside.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 307: More 50 Celebrations

This is the year that most of my dearest friends are celebrating their 50th Birthday's! It's so fun that we are all reaching this milestone together, and it's especially cool to have so many reasons to get together & celebrate.

Today we honored gal pal Ruthie Bailey. Talk about the original party, fun girl, she's a rock star in this department! And she's a blondie too, which in my book makes her even more special!

Remember when I wrote about the holiday cookie exchange party I attended back in December (post #244) well this was Ruthie's party! I met Ruthie through her wonderful husband Chip Bailey, who hired me at the Century City Chamber of Commerce a few years ago. I adore Chip and then when I met the wifey, I knew these were very special people. Of the three people I asked to write a letter of recommendation on my behalf when I applied to law school, Chip was one of those folks... that's how much respect I have for him.

Like us Simon's, the Bailey's have three children, have been married more than 20 years, love to party, laugh, work hard, and are devoted to their family like Brian and I. You never have a boring time when in the company of these friends. So it was an absolute pleasure to lunch with Ruthie today and celebrate her!
Happy 50th my friend!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 306: More Great Women Candidates

Tonight I did some campaigning on behalf of two outstanding women running for public office. West Hollywood city council members Abbe Land & Lindsey Horvath are running for re-election. Not only are they champions of women, community, health care, choice, environment, and all the other issues I carry near to my heart, they are also friends.

These are women, who over the years through our political circles, have always shared a fondness and mutual love & respect with me. Abbe is a true leader not only in West Hollywood but throughout Los Angeles County. She has mentored women, supported them, and along the way always displayed a calmness and grace even when confronting battle tough campaigns that turned very ugly over the years.

Lindsey is a young and inspiring woman with potential to continue building on her accomplishments and is not only making her peers proud, but also us "mama" figures too.

If you live in West Hollywood I implore you to cast your votes for these accomplished women on March 8th. If you live outside their city, you surely know people who live in West Hollywood, so please implore them to vote.

As I called voters tonight, I was pleased by Yes responses and dismayed by the negative No comments from voters. Brings back a lot of memories for me. Some very painful.

All the lies and negative items posted about you as a candidate. All the ugly people spewing inaccurate information about you as a person, your character, your accomplishments. It's so very painful, and that is why so few of us jump in the frying pan.

I must applaud my women colleagues, Abbe, Lindsey and my friend Marisa Perez all strong women running for office this election cycle. We also have two outstanding women running for city council in Beverly Hills, Nancy Krasne & Lili Bosse. I will post more about them tomorrow.

Use your voice, vote for these candidates and let women around the world know that we deserve to make the decisions that impact our lives!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 305: 20 Miles for 20 Years

Today my big boy Brandon turns 20 years old! In honor of his birth, I just ran 20 miles! Yes you read correctly. I ran 20 miles for 20 years.

I want to tell you all about the run, but I have to recover right now ! I'll post all the fun details, and the route that included 5 beach cities, in tomorrow's post. And yes we ran in the rain & cold, it was insane, but no way was I going to let this day not be marked with a huge challenge.

Funny thing is the run took longer then it took for me to birth the boy. Birthing was easy, some 20 minutes, running was close to 5 damn hours!

Can't believe my son has left the teenage years and is 20! Where have the years gone... I love him to the Moon & Stars and Back Again... and I LOVE running, just not 20 miles! More later on today's adventure!

PS I have to give a shout out to gal pal Suzee Markowitz mother of Brandon Bank, also turning 20 today. These boys were born next to each other in the hospital 20 years ago today. What a day & what a memory!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 303: Hallmark Holiday

Today is the day for's Valentine's Day. While it is an adorable holiday, full of teddy bears, chocolate and red roses, especially for very little children who still hand out valentine's day cards to their classmates at school, I gotta say it ain't one of my favorite holidays.

Now, I'm not a love cynic. Really, I'm not, but I believe it's just become so commercialized and truthfully you should display your affection for your amour everyday, not just on a hyped up day that says you should be in love.

If you truly care about your partner, then hopefully you shower him or her on a daily basis (okay maybe weekly, daily might be too much) and don't just wait for today!

If you really love that someone special, then you do what makes them happy, even if it's not what you want to do. That's how you show someone that you care about them.... you put what that person cares about above your own desires (again not all the time!), but often enough that your significant other knows you care & love them.

So while today is fun and gimmicky, let's profess our love all the time! Big hugs & kisses to all my followers!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 302: Ah, To Be 18 Again

My niece Olivia Bernstein turned 18 this week. She's an adult now, well at least that's how she's recognized by the law. She can join the military, vote for her favorite candidates, and is no longer considered a minor. It is a big deal, yet to me she's a darling young woman just beginning her adult life!

We hosted a little party in her honor for her and her friends. Just a gathering to shower her with some special attention, and well deserved glory. This week my son Brandon turns 20 years old! Oh my gosh, I just can't believe how these kids are growing. It's bittersweet for me. As much as I love the more adult like relationship with my nieces and son as they grow & mature, I often long for the days when they crawled up on my lap for a hug. Precious time and imprinted memories in my heart.

But we can't stop the clock, and life does march on. The question is, are you absorbing all that your days have to offer?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 301: Three Hundred Days

Hard to believe I started this Birthday Blog project 300 days ago! Today I've blogged 301 days! Wow. As I have said before, there are very few tasks we accomplish daily... hopefully brushing our teeth, kissing our children, eating & sleeping, but everything else is hard to make happen everyday.

It's been a terrific project, posting daily about life's musings... I've thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and hope you are all enjoying the journey with me. Can't believe I have 65 days till the big 5-0!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 300: Special Friend & Gucci Shoes

Today I celebrated the 50th Birthday of one of my favorite, oldest, and dearest friends! Tina Stein Segel, was my boss at KMIR-TV in Palm Springs many years ago.

Tina hired me as a general assignment reporter and then gave me the chance of a lifetime to host my own public affairs program, Robyn Ritter Reports. One of the BEST jobs and times in my life! We had a GREAT crew and we worked hard and partied hard. Ah, to be in my 20s again. No children and only focused on my career. It was heavenly!

Then life happened. We both married, both had three children, all teenagers now. She and her adorable husband Dave Segel moved to London where they lived up until two years ago when they moved back to the United States, to Brentwood!

Tina is one of those gals that if life were not so complicated & full, we'd hang out much more! I adore this woman. Her spirit, her values her devotion to her children and her family. Like me she has parents, sisters, always a lot going on. She never stops!

So here we are both turning the big 5-0 two months apart from one another. And after so many years, can you believe that we showed up for our lunch date today BOTH in the SAME Gucci shoes... mine in beige, hers in black. What are the odds of that? I bought these shoes almost 4 years ago when hubby Brian and I travelled to Paris for our 20th wedding anniversary. But there Tina and I sat with our matching shoes ... so many years have gone by, yet we are still so connected and so much alike.

It was a GREAT way to kick start all the 50 birthday celebrations! With a dear friend, and in Gucci shoes!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 299: Harrison's Pot Roast

Last night teenager Harrison made a pot roast. He wasn't happy with how it tasted, so he asked if I could get another roast for tonight for him to try again. Me being the most patient and understanding mother around (if I don't say so myself) I accommodated his desire and picked up another roast!

Yummy is all I can say. How ever he prepared it differently, he scored. Spencer and I were in heaven. He also prepared homemade mashed potatoes (yes he boiled the potatoes, then mashed them, then added real butter and cream!) and with the juices from the roast we had ourselves a delicious pot roast dinner!

I love having a son that loves to cook! It's fabulous!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 298: Run Robyn Run

Today was Wednesday long distance run day! I changed it up a bit this morning. First I didn't have my devoted running partner, Melody Roset, joining me so I had to get my behind to the beach on my own and really push myself.

I didn't log as many miles as last week (last week we ran 19 miles), but I ran much faster. My trainer calls it interval training, where I run my long distance pace, but inject quick sprints! It was awesome to run fast and hard! And for the first time I ran with music, borrowing hubby's IPOD (no I do not own an IPOD!) But if I did it would be pink like the one pictured here! The music was inspiring and really made the run a different experience. I loved it!

And it was another gorgeous day in sunny Santa Monica along the bike path parallel to Pacific Coast Highway at the beach. Just invigorating to have clear blue skies, the magnificent ocean, and ti think that this is all in my backyard. Why do people live anywhere else? What a way to start your day!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 297: Women's Leadership Conference

April is shaping up to be a great month! Not only will I be finished with my marathon training -- the race is March 20th -- and not only is it my 50th Birthday with a great event in my honor hosted by NWPC on April 14th, but I have also been hired as a speaker for the West Hollywood Women's Leadership Conference! Whew, I'm so excited.

Please join me on Saturday, April 9th for the 5th Annual West Hollywood Women's Conference as I kick-off a day of women's empowerment! I have been asked to welcome attendees and share what the day's activities offer for participants. I will lay-out the benefits of each break-out workshop guiding attendees on the best fit for their goals. I will encourage collaboration and mentoring and challenge participants to walk away with tools that can aid them in achieving their goals. It's going to be a powerful day with amazing energy and I hope you will join me.

I was a panelist at the 3rd annual conference and it was an invigorating day! I spoke about women and politics and the challenges of running for public office. A role I know all to well!

I will be posting more about the conference, but encourage you to register now. To learn more about the day long conference, please visit

Hope to see you there!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 296: What Are You Doing on April 14th?

I hope you will spend Thursday, April 14th partying with me to celebrate my 50th Birthday and more importantly, to support my favorite cause....

raising funds to support women running for public office! What could be better?

The event is $50 for 50 in Honor of Robyn's 50th Birthday. The National Women's Political Caucus, the organization I BLOG about often and which I have been affiliated with for a dozen years, is hosting a celebration for me to raise money for our endorsed candidates. This is the best birthday present I could ask for, as it has the most meaning.

Save-the-evening, invite your friends, family and colleagues to join in what will no doubt be a fun gathering of great politically active men & women who support me and support more women in public office.

Sponsorships are available for this event... if you want to be a sponsor, please contact me! NWPCs goal is to achieve 50/50 by 2020, 50% women representation in all levels of government by the year 2020. This event is one way we can work toward achieving this goal!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 295: What A Way to Start a Sunday

Neighbor and gal pal Teresa Jones Grossman invited me over this morning to soak my aching body in her new backyard jacuzzi! Wow! What a way to kick start your Sunday morning.

We soaked in her fabulous huge hot tub, sprinkled with aromatherapy muscle relaxing bath salts, while the sunshine warmed our faces. Teresa made me yummy coffee and we talked and soaked for an hour. It was a glorious way to recap the past week and to rejuvenate for the week that lies ahead.

With all the running I'm logging, soaking my muscles was heavenly. I'm in pain and or soreness every minute of the day, everyday. There is no relief as we push to add more miles weekly. No one ever said this challenge would be easy.

I'm so thankful for my friend Teresa and her luscious beautiful backyard sanctuary! I plan on soaking again next Sunday!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 294: Celebrating Women Candidates

Spent this beautiful Saturday stomping for my gal pal Marisa Perez, a candidate for Lakewood City Council. I've written about Marisa and her campaign often on my BLOG. I invite you to learn more about her and her passion for making her community a great place to raise a family.

Later in the day I had the honor of meeting another candidate who is running for City Council in Beverly Hills. The National Women's Political Caucus, the political group I serve on the Board of, has a PAC (political action committee) and we interview candidates who seek an endorsement from our organization.

Data reflects that people will vote by gender, ethnicity or by common interests. If a candidate has the NWPC LOGO on her campaign collateral, it tells voters that this candidate supports a woman's right to choice, pay equity, and fostering more women leaders. That might just be enough for a voter to cast a vote for this candidate so an endorsement from our group is significant and meaningful.

Lili Bosse met with our PAC and outlined her campaign strategy and reasons for seeking a seat on the Beverly Hills Council. I thoroughly enjoy meeting candidates. As a former candidate and a person who spends a bulk of my time in politics and on campaigns, I find it fascinating and inspiring to meet women candidates and hear their passion about their race.

Lili is a life long resident of Beverly Hills and a very cemented community leader. Years serving on various Boards and Commissions, including the Planning Commission, will serve her well in her post as a council member. To learn more about Lili, her vision for the city, and what motivates her to run, visit

It was a great day for women candidates and I was proud to share a small part of it!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 293: Pali Baseball Mom's Rock

Tonight several of the Palisades High School Baseball mom's gathered at Gladstone's on PCH for some fun away from the baseball field, the hubby's and the teenagers! What a hoot!

After a long week full of work, life, politics, drama, and craziness it was great for me to meet fun women and relax!

Our connection to one another is that we are all mothers, and we have sons that love the game of baseball! And this group also loves their wine! We laughed, drank, ate, and had a really fun time!

Can't wait till our next rendezvous!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 292: Interesting Lecture

This morning I attended a lecture offered at the boys school sponsored by the PTA at Palisades Charter High School. Neighbor and dear gal pal Teresa Jones and I went together. The monthly programs have always sounded interesting, but with my crazy schedule I've never been able to attend. Today I made it happen!

The guest speaker was Dr. Richard Cohen, a well sought-after and respected psychologist who specializes in teens and their behaviors, and relationships with their families. He covers teen drugs, alcohol, sex, relationships, anger, and a whole host of teenage related issues. And as we know there can be quite a few!

Teenagers are a breed to themselves. With changing hormones, peer pressure, wanting to fit "in", competitive school work, and exploring their sexuality, it is a rough time for them and can be a challenge for us parents as well.

So today Dr. Cohen discussed anger, and how it is a behavior so prevalent in teens. He is a licensed anger management specialist. He offered strategies parents can implement to avoid engaging in "battle" with their teens. He discussed how it's very "normal" behavior for teens to have angst, pressure, anxiety, and to take all these emotions out on their parents.

So if you are a parent raising teens now, know that you are not alone in this awkward stage in your child's life. Part of the separation process for adolescents is that they challenge their parents and assert their independence.
Know that as the parent you have the power to control the situation by how you react, how you engage, and what you say during these encounters.

It was a very interesting conversation and I benefited from hearing Dr. Cohen's thoughts and strategies. Parenting like marriage, and all our relationships, takes work, commitment and love. It is not by luck that your kids will ride these years absent of "issues", you must ensure that they do.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 291: Odds & Ends

Here's a recap of some loose ends ... When I shared with my boys that I had posted on my BLOG about the "driving experience", Spencer asked if I mentioned the part where I was crying? Sadly I had blocked that part out, so in full disclosure, YES I was actually crying when I said, "you've got to pull over". It was that bad!
Big brother college boy Brandon even posted a comment on my BLOG saying he'd teach them to drive. Thank goodness is all I can.

My running log... I clocked 19 miles today! A first for this distance... I'm feeling much more confidant about finishing the full length of the Los Angeles Marathon which is 26.2 miles... but remember 19 miles is still 7.2 miles short of what I'll have to perform on race day!

Harrison's cumin, coriander, and fennel chicken was delicious! Yummy!

That's all the tidbits for today!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 290: Cumin Seeds, Fennel Seeds, and Coriander Seeds?

Have you ever bought the following seeds at the market: Fennel, Coriander or Cumin? I actually stumped the produce manager at a very nice market today when I asked for these items. You ask why the heck was I even buying these seasonings... well my budding chef Harrison requested them for a chicken dish he plans to prepare tonight for dinner! Ya gotta love it!

So there I was today running around the market on a hunt for items I didn't even know existed! And either did the produce manager who was stumped to learn that not only does fennel come fresh, but it is also sold as a seed where the seasonings are displayed. We all had a good laugh and once again I was perplexed at where this boy comes up with his recipes. I mean who uses these ingredients? I now know who!

Hope the chicken is yummy, I'll let you know!