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Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 300: Special Friend & Gucci Shoes

Today I celebrated the 50th Birthday of one of my favorite, oldest, and dearest friends! Tina Stein Segel, was my boss at KMIR-TV in Palm Springs many years ago.

Tina hired me as a general assignment reporter and then gave me the chance of a lifetime to host my own public affairs program, Robyn Ritter Reports. One of the BEST jobs and times in my life! We had a GREAT crew and we worked hard and partied hard. Ah, to be in my 20s again. No children and only focused on my career. It was heavenly!

Then life happened. We both married, both had three children, all teenagers now. She and her adorable husband Dave Segel moved to London where they lived up until two years ago when they moved back to the United States, to Brentwood!

Tina is one of those gals that if life were not so complicated & full, we'd hang out much more! I adore this woman. Her spirit, her values her devotion to her children and her family. Like me she has parents, sisters, always a lot going on. She never stops!

So here we are both turning the big 5-0 two months apart from one another. And after so many years, can you believe that we showed up for our lunch date today BOTH in the SAME Gucci shoes... mine in beige, hers in black. What are the odds of that? I bought these shoes almost 4 years ago when hubby Brian and I travelled to Paris for our 20th wedding anniversary. But there Tina and I sat with our matching shoes ... so many years have gone by, yet we are still so connected and so much alike.

It was a GREAT way to kick start all the 50 birthday celebrations! With a dear friend, and in Gucci shoes!


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