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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 130: Saying Good-Bye

As fun as reunions are, sadly there is always an end to them. My son Brandon leaves early tomorrow morning to drive back to Oregon to return to school. My niece Zoe, flies out of Los Angeles tomorrow to head back to Utah to continue her college studies as well.

Photo above circa 1994 in La Quinta, California with Grandma Susu & Papa Nat, Brian and me and our precious Brandon.

Both Zoe & Brandon are working hard toward their respective goals. It makes me happy for both of them. My heart is feeling a little sad and empty knowing that I won't see either one of them for months. It's all part of life's journey. You birth them, raise them, teach them, encourage them to be independent, then a little part of you wants them back. Back to the days when they all lived full time under your roof. Funny how that is.

One of Brandon's oldest and dearest friends Gabe Devorris joined us for the bon voyage dinner tonight. We have known Gabe and his family since the boys were two years old and attended Temple Isaiah pre school together. Then they went on to Westwood Charter Elementary School together. Now they are both 19 years old. I think of Gabe as another son.

Gabe's mom Kim was a dear mother friend. She lost her battle with the dreadful Lou Gehrig's disease (also known as ALS) when Gabe was barely turning 13 years old. It's been a rough road. Anyone of you feeling sorry for your aches and pains and bullshit should shut up ... if you knew what this woman went through and what her family endured you would thankfully welcome your ailments.

Sitting with the two boys tonight I felt joy in my heart. Joy that Gabe has such resilience; such strength way beyond most 19 year olds. Joy that the boys are still so close. Joy that I get them both in my life. Joy that they still allow me in their lives.

So as they grow up, life always brings you more joy. It just may be packaged differently then when they were snuggled in their blankets and you held them tightly to your chest. Tonight it still felt like I could squeeze them tight, just in a different way.

May this new school year bring them both peace. Lots of peace. May they have the strength to do and be the best they can ... and I know in my heart that mother Kim is smiling down at her son Gabe and happy that he and Brandon are still bros. We miss you Kim ...