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Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 321: The Rookie Takes to the Mound

Play Ball! Today was the first league game for Palisades High School Baseball! The boys play ball year round, but today the season kicked off. We are playing in the Royal Tournament and this afternoon we were at Granada Hills High School in the San Fernando Valley.

We didn't know if teenagers
Harrison & Spencer would get a chance to play much as this was their first game as official Varsity roster players. Spencer had moved up months ago and was playing regularly in the pre-season games, both pitching and playing infield.

Today it was his brother's turn. Harrison Simon took to the mound like a pro. With his long lanky legs and beautiful form he released that sweet baseball and let the batters have it. It was beautiful! He delivered for his team and showed wh
y he was asked to move up as a sophomore pitcher.

If you follow my Blog regularly you know that baseball is a constant theme. Not just in my posts, but in my life. With three sons who all play ball, and have since they were 5 years old, you can bet I love this game and I LOVE watching them play.

Honestly there are few activities I enjoy more then watching their beautiful faces & bodies when standing tall and strong on the mound ... such poise, and control... it warms my heart and never gets old.

Good thing too, because tomorrow there's another game!