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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 172: More Birthday's

The gals from University High School gathered tonight to celebrate October Birthday's. This is a group of gal pals I've known since Junior High School. Several of us have remained tight friends over the years while others reconnected last year in advance of our 30th High School Reunion. We've made an effort to get together every couple of months to celebrate Birthday's & life.

Life has turned out different for us all. Some are married, others divorced; some are sober; gay, have children, no children, have fulfilling careers, while others are just holding on paycheck to paycheck. We will all turn 50 next year.. I can still remember these gals with fresh 13 year old faces. My gosh how many years have gone by?

Tonight we were hosted by one of my oldest and dearest friends Farrel Freeman. Oh the memories we shared from Junior High and High School! Stories I'd never repeat to my children! She moved back to Los Angeles one year ago and it's been wonderful having her back in my life.

Gal pal Jill Offer of course was in attendance. Jill, Farrel and I not only were inseparable in high school, we also went off to college together in San Fransisco. Jill and I have parallel lives -- both married boys from high school, both had three children, each with one in college now! Damn where did those years go?

I look forward to our reunions together. The older I get the more I like to be in the company of familiarity -- people who came from where you came from; shared your experiences; truly care about you.

Happy October Birthday to the gals from High School!