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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 298: Run Robyn Run

Today was Wednesday long distance run day! I changed it up a bit this morning. First I didn't have my devoted running partner, Melody Roset, joining me so I had to get my behind to the beach on my own and really push myself.

I didn't log as many miles as last week (last week we ran 19 miles), but I ran much faster. My trainer calls it interval training, where I run my long distance pace, but inject quick sprints! It was awesome to run fast and hard! And for the first time I ran with music, borrowing hubby's IPOD (no I do not own an IPOD!) But if I did it would be pink like the one pictured here! The music was inspiring and really made the run a different experience. I loved it!

And it was another gorgeous day in sunny Santa Monica along the bike path parallel to Pacific Coast Highway at the beach. Just invigorating to have clear blue skies, the magnificent ocean, and ti think that this is all in my backyard. Why do people live anywhere else? What a way to start your day!