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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 192: The New Lingo

For those of you raising teenagers, you may be familiar with some of these words, or maybe not!

So tonight while eating dinner with Harrison & Spencer, and niece Olivia, my son Harrison says,
"Oh Mom that's because you're so FADED" ... I said what? How many of you know what that word/term means? Really, how many of you?
I consider myself a pretty cool & hip Mom ... I try to stay in tune with youthful attitudes through their music, interests and Face Book, but these terms just crack me up. What ever happened to Groovy, Bitchin' or Rad?

Turns out Faded means you are really high (as in stoned, not high on life!), but Harrison meant it as if I was so out of it not following their conversation so I was Faded, get it?

Or how about Sesh ... I'm in a sesh now (as I'm in a session of homework or whatever now).

Or you could use Dank to describe something really good.... this Blog is so Dank!

Stop being such a Noob, meaning a nerd or rookie!

You're looking so Fresh, as in fly or stylin'!

Or this is Legit, meaning you're down for this, it's legitimate!

Okay I'm laughing all over again just writing these silly words.... but every generation coins new phrases and words. I'm sure my parents laughed at all our "made-up" words and phrases to describe expressions, thoughts or feelings.

I mean "Face Book Me", didn't exist 7 years ago, now it's part of our English vernacular!

So I hope you think my blog is dank, I think it's pretty fresh ... I'm heading into another writing sesh and it will be legit because I won't be faded this time when I write my next post. Stop being a noob, and get with the program!