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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 215: Packing Anxiety

Okay, everyone has something that they do not do well ... cooking, dancing, gardening, driving, writing, the list goes on and on with how many tasks we manage daily and the degree in which we perform these chores or activities. Some we shy away from. Others we just never engage in. For me the task that causes me the most anxiety is packing for a trip! Sounds odd doesn't it... I mean you'd think one would be so excited about getting the heck out of town (which I am) that they'd happily throw some items in the bag and hit the road.

For me it's a bit more complicated then that. What if I bring too many clothes? Or not enough? Or not the right clothes... will it be very cold, mildly cold or will an unseasonal heat wave hit the city when I've packed all winter sweaters and scarfs? Such a dilemma I tell you.

The Simon gang departs on Saturday for New York City, yeah! We are going to spend the week and the Thanksgiving Holiday with kid sis Jennifer, her beau Kevin and his 6 year old son Zachary. We are all super excited to be on the East Coast with the cold wintry weather and to spend time with Jennifer & Kevin in their Country home in Hudson, New York.

As you know if you follow my Blog, we usually host Turkey Day and it is always fun & festive.... but this year due to numerous reasons we elected to change it up and try something new. So off we go on Saturday morning. College boy Brandon will fly out of Portland, Oregon on Tuesday and hook up with us then in Manhattan.

We have all kinds of fun activities planned, but that will be another post, today I need to vent about my anxiety surrounding packing the right items ... not just for myself but for the boys too! Can't have them showing up in the city not dressed properly!

So here's the deal for me... as you know I'm a huge accessory queen ... I change my handbag daily to match my outfit. Same with my jewelry... I know it's weird but that's who I am. So when I set out to pack I have to carefully imagine every accessory that goes with each outfit, I sound crazy don't I, again that's me! And I like to have options... do I want to wear slacks, leggings, a skirt out to dinner or walking around .... I don't know what mood I'll be in so I end up bringing all three choices.

It's similar to going to the grocery store and trying to plan dinner for the next 5 nights ... how the hell do I know what I'll want to eat on Thursday if I'm food shopping on a Monday? I need variety and options and don't want to be boxed in ... that's how it is for my clothes!

So tonight begins the process of laying everything out that I believe I will wear and then going crazy because it's all way too much and then I feel overwhelmed and just throw everything in the damn bag... oh such problems!