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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 284: Winter Wonderland, Not So Much

I ran on the beach this morning along the bike path in Venice and Santa Monica. Logged 18 miles! Sun was shinning, just a magnificent day for a long distance run.

But as I was getting suntan on my arms, my kid sister Jennifer was being pounded by a winter storm like no other! How can this be? Check out the photo of the street in front of her apartment in Manhattan, New York! How is anyone suppose to live in these conditions?

It's crazy that there is such a weather discrepancy! Really a drastic one! I suppose we pay the enormous mortgages, insane property taxes, and state taxes in California to be able to absorb this sunshine ... I just don't know how people run, walk, work, go to school, do anything in those conditions hitting the east coast!

Bundle up, cuddle someone, and stay warm! Or come visit me in sunny California !