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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 190: Such Loss

I attended a Mass service this evening at a church in Sherman Oaks in honor of Conor Lynch, son of Jeri Lynch, a woman I met many years ago. Jeri and my good friend Matt Ober attended law school together. When Brian and I were introduced to Jeri many years ago she was an instant favorite. Full of life and always the life of a party.

The years have flown by and like us she too had three sons. I saw her about six years ago at Zachary Ober's Bar Mitzvah and we got all caught up on our boys and their very busy activities including lots of sports. Her son Conor was a cross country runner and a Junior at Notre Dame High School.

This week while running with his teammates he was hit and killed by a car. What a tragic loss for his beautiful Mom and Dad, his two Brothers, his Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and for his community.

As I sat on a pew during tonight's service I was surrounded by beautiful teenagers all there to show their honor and respect for a friend who had fallen too young. I was so overcome with sadness seeing all their beautiful faces, so young and full of life having to confront death so early on in life. How do you tell your son his best friend, classmate, teammate, has been killed at just 16 years old?

There's just something so wrong with a child leaving before his parents. There are no magic or comforting words to say in a situation like this. It was a horrific accident with fatal consequences. As a Mom I can't possibly comprehend the anguish Jeri must be experiencing.

I said a private prayer for Conor. Once again, hug your children.