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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 197: Trick-or-Treat

Wow, another fabulous Simon Halloween Party! If you didn't make it by our house tonight, then you missed a very festive event! We had delicious food, especially the five different chili's that our guest chefs cooked for the Chili Cook-Off! We drank lots of Black Vodka, we danced, we laughed and we celebrated! People wore terrific costumes and a good time was had by all!

If you can see in this picture I have a black pole attached to my back, I was a pole dancer, hysterical! And hubby Brian was my biggest tipper.

Check out my friend Rebecca Sanchez and her darling husband and daughter Ava ... all dressed as Raggedy Ann & Andy... too cute!

And we had Batman & Catwoman looking fabulous! Underneath their masks are Greg Germansky & Jacky Holler.

And checkout Lisa & Gregg Martin as Teletubbies, too darling !!!

Jill Offer and sis Michele were a chef & a pumpkin ...

And the Bell's, Stacy & John were Pocahontas & the Lone Ranger!

And Halloween would not be complete this year without Snooki, attending the party! Check out Rebecca Simon as the Jersey Shore's Snooki!

I can tell you I enjoy Halloween more then my boys, that's for sure! I'm just a big kid... I love all the costumes and the creativity, I love giving out the candy to all the adorable little trick-or-treaters, and I love celebrating with friends on a very fun and festive Halloween. This is a wonderful tradition the Simon Spooky House has created!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 196: Chili Time

House smells so good tonight.... Brian and Harrison have been chopping and simmering and cooking for hours to prepare the famous Simon Chili for our Halloween Chili Cook-Off Contest! Lots of yummy meat and peppers ... mmmm good! So far we have 5 Chili entries for the Contest, so it should be fun to sample them all !

As I have written about before, Fall is my favorite time of the year ... the house is all decorated very festive for Halloween ... neighbors have been walking by for weeks saying, "we were waiting for you to put your Halloween decorations up!"

Just when you think no one cares, or notices! All the little kids in the hood have been having so much fun watching our electric spiders move back and forth, and the strop lights flashing on the ghosts & goblins draping from our roof. It sure is fun to watch their sweet faces light up!

So tonight we've been preparing for the big bash tomorrow... we even tested the Black Vodka out! Yummy to that too!

So who said Halloween is only for trick-or-treaters? The adults can have some fun too, and we intend too!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 195: My Long, Luscious Hair

Like most women, my hair is my biggest accessory! I mean let's face it, when your hair looks great, you feel great! And when it's a bad hair day, well let's just say it could be a bad day! You know what I'm talking about don't you gals!

And if you think I'm making this up, check out the billions spent on hair products and accessories every year by consumers. It's a booming business my friends. For most of us, regular maintenance of our mane includes a cut & color. But nowadays the stakes have been raised and there's so much more offered to "spoof" up the doo.

Everyone from celebrities to "housewives" are adding locks with extensions of every variety. It no longer is just for movie stars, the average gal can have the hair she's always desired!

I've worn hair extensions for years and the products keep improving. You have your weaves but now your wefts as well. There are sewn in weaves and clip ons. And your color options have increased as well. There's not just highlights anymore, but now lowlights to add dimension and character to your style, which I now have.

There's lots of discussion about whether women of a certain age should continue wearing their hair long, or cut it off. Are you kidding me! If women have beautiful and healthy locks, keep them any length that you are comfortable with is what I say! When I was young in my 20s and on television I had short hair. It was a great look for me. My hair was easy to manage and always looked professional, but fun and youthful too. Now in my 40s my hair is the longest it's ever been, of course with assistance (those extensions!).

I was never one of those girls with the long flowing thick hair and I always wanted that kind of hair. Now I get to have that hair and I'm lovin' it. Ladies, whatever makes you feel strong, powerful, sexy, and a champion is the look you should go for and if that means enhancing your hair, go for it!

Here are my recommended hair ladies. For the BEST cuts, color and blow-drys check out my ladies at Salon Dione, owners Rebecca & Eka will hook you up!

For extensions I've got two superstar ladies for you. Karisma has been weaving my locks for the past year and she makes house calls

And my sister Michele turned me on to another hot hair spot. Hair in Vogue in Brentwood. Owner Linda will analyze your hair and consult with you on her recommendations. She too provides gorgeous hair for purchase and performs outstanding weaves.

Whatever your desired style, know that the options are limitless these days. I remember when the only hair accessory you could find was a wig, but nowadays we have many more choices. So if you are feeling like you need a "pick me up" with your style, color or length, I say go bold and go big girls!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 194: An Honor for Dad

Tonight I took my Dad to an IREM Dinner. IREM is the Institute for Real Estate Management. A professional organization for property management leaders committed to education, training and professional development.

Dad was involved with this prestigious group for many, many years when he still owned his real estate property management company, The Joseph L. Yousem Company. He was both the LA Chapter President and National President of the organization. A very big deal.

I still remember my sister and I and Mom flying to San Fransisco in 1976 to attend his installation dinner, he was installed as national president. Tonight he was recognized as a President Emeritus and presented with a special recognition. I was his date and it was an honor.

Two former employees threw their arms around Dad when they saw him and told me he was the best boss they had ever had. They also said that because of him they continued their participation in IREM and had pursued leadership positions within the organization.

Pictured here with Dad and me is his former employee and friend Farzaneh Tofighi. She is a past President of the LA IREM Chapter and is the Chair of Education on the National Board of Directors. She credits Dad for introducing her to IREM many years ago.

I couldn't have been more proud of my Dad. At 80 years old he is still the man, still has the Mo-Jo... He was the elderly statesman in the room. I wasn't sure if this made him happy or reflective or both. How many years ago had he stood at the podium leading the group to prosperity... how many years ago had he built his business into one of the premier property management companies in all of Los Angeles and beyond ... he was a true leader in his profession.

Now his days are spent living a life full of rewards after working for so many years. His passions include golfing, reading, cooking, and spending time with his adult children and grandchildren. A very full life that was honored and remembered tonight. I was honored to be his date and his daughter tonight.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 193: Running Up Temescal

So this morning's run took a different course. We began our run at the usual spot, in front of Casa Del Mar Hotel in Santa Monica .... ran all the way up the bike path, heading North till the end, circled back and when we hit Temescal, we headed up the incline! Whew. Talk about using your calve muscles and your tush! WOW.... it's a killer run. May not appear that way when you're driving up, but try getting out of your car and walking or running it and you'll see what I'm talking about!

My boys have to run that loop for baseball practice and until you've done it you can't appreciate how challenging it is! Brian tells me he can bolt up the entire hill without stopping! Show off. I can't run the entire hill, but that's a goal for me... to be able to run the entire distance, from Pacific Coast Highway to Palisades High School without stopping!

We'll see! Run Robyn Run!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 192: The New Lingo

For those of you raising teenagers, you may be familiar with some of these words, or maybe not!

So tonight while eating dinner with Harrison & Spencer, and niece Olivia, my son Harrison says,
"Oh Mom that's because you're so FADED" ... I said what? How many of you know what that word/term means? Really, how many of you?
I consider myself a pretty cool & hip Mom ... I try to stay in tune with youthful attitudes through their music, interests and Face Book, but these terms just crack me up. What ever happened to Groovy, Bitchin' or Rad?

Turns out Faded means you are really high (as in stoned, not high on life!), but Harrison meant it as if I was so out of it not following their conversation so I was Faded, get it?

Or how about Sesh ... I'm in a sesh now (as I'm in a session of homework or whatever now).

Or you could use Dank to describe something really good.... this Blog is so Dank!

Stop being such a Noob, meaning a nerd or rookie!

You're looking so Fresh, as in fly or stylin'!

Or this is Legit, meaning you're down for this, it's legitimate!

Okay I'm laughing all over again just writing these silly words.... but every generation coins new phrases and words. I'm sure my parents laughed at all our "made-up" words and phrases to describe expressions, thoughts or feelings.

I mean "Face Book Me", didn't exist 7 years ago, now it's part of our English vernacular!

So I hope you think my blog is dank, I think it's pretty fresh ... I'm heading into another writing sesh and it will be legit because I won't be faded this time when I write my next post. Stop being a noob, and get with the program!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 191: Laugh A Little

With all the sad news and loss this past week I thought I'd post a photo that always makes me smile and laugh. It reminds me how we should never take ourselves too seriously ... as you can see from this photo my family doesn't take me very seriously sometimes ...

In a family portrait taken a few years ago, I said "now everyone smile" and look how my goofy boys smiled ...

Whenever I need a "pick me up" I look at this picture! I love the age of the boys here and where our life was at when this picture was captured ... all my chicks living at home... before they all became teenagers, when I could still dress them, hold them, and smother them with kisses ... this was one of those moments where I wanted to freeze time, have it stand still ... whenever I need to "regroup" and shake off whatever is tugging at me, this is my "go to" picture that can snap me out of a "blue" mood...

Doesn't it make you laugh too?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 190: Such Loss

I attended a Mass service this evening at a church in Sherman Oaks in honor of Conor Lynch, son of Jeri Lynch, a woman I met many years ago. Jeri and my good friend Matt Ober attended law school together. When Brian and I were introduced to Jeri many years ago she was an instant favorite. Full of life and always the life of a party.

The years have flown by and like us she too had three sons. I saw her about six years ago at Zachary Ober's Bar Mitzvah and we got all caught up on our boys and their very busy activities including lots of sports. Her son Conor was a cross country runner and a Junior at Notre Dame High School.

This week while running with his teammates he was hit and killed by a car. What a tragic loss for his beautiful Mom and Dad, his two Brothers, his Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and for his community.

As I sat on a pew during tonight's service I was surrounded by beautiful teenagers all there to show their honor and respect for a friend who had fallen too young. I was so overcome with sadness seeing all their beautiful faces, so young and full of life having to confront death so early on in life. How do you tell your son his best friend, classmate, teammate, has been killed at just 16 years old?

There's just something so wrong with a child leaving before his parents. There are no magic or comforting words to say in a situation like this. It was a horrific accident with fatal consequences. As a Mom I can't possibly comprehend the anguish Jeri must be experiencing.

I said a private prayer for Conor. Once again, hug your children.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 189: Band of Boys

The college boy was in town for a few days -- semester break. Loved having him home, even for a brief stint. It felt like a fraternity house this weekend around the Simon house. We had a house full of boys which means lots of food & fun. Absolutely my favorite way to spend time ... cooking and hanging with my boys. I love them all...

Having Brandon home and Harrison & Spencer around with all their friends was the perfect medicine for my aching heart. This week was plagued by the loss of too many young sons. I have posted about their tragic deaths. I still can't wrap my arms around how a Mother ever gets over losing a child. I guess that's why I was feeling like we should really embrace the kids these past few days. Keep them close & snug to us. So we did.

Checkout this picture of us all at dinner...

lots of laughter & smiles! Given the sad news this week I was so happy to be surrounded by my family and to relish in their company ... it's what life is all about!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 188: Another Son Lost

Did you read about the shark attack today? Oh my goodness, a 19 year old college student was body-surfing in Santa Barbara and was attacked and killed by a great white shark. The shark tore the young man's leg off his body while his best friend watched in horror.

Another mother goes to bed tonight weeping for the loss of her son.

My eldest son is 19. He too is a college student. It's unimaginable for me to think about receiving the phone call that tells you your child is dead. Yet, this week alone two tragedies took the lives of two young promising men. Two days ago I posted about the 16 year old Sherman Oaks boy who was killed by a car while running with his cross-country track team.

The UC Santa Barbara student killed by the shark today was on the water polo team, he was a lifeguard, and an excellent swimmer. The LA Times quoted his father as saying they knew their son died doing what he loved, being in the water.

The teenager called his Mom right before he entered the ocean. He wanted to share with her how excited he was about the good waves... that was the last time his mother heard her son's voice.

I don't know why I'm so drawn to these stories. I suppose it's because I can't imagine anything more horrible than losing a child. So once again I remind us all to take stock in what we have.... to feel blessed that we are alive & healthy and that our children are safe.

Hug them again tonight very tightly.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 187: Fighting for Her Baby

Just when you think stories can not be any more heart wrenching, along comes a report that just breaks my heart.

How many of you caught the story this week on the nightly news about the would be purse snatcher in Venice? This thug attacked a woman from behind in the hopes of stealing her handbag. He was in for the fight of his life because there was no way this woman was going to give up her purse.

Now many of you are saying, "why the hell not, just give the thug your bag, and save your life," but some things are worth dying for.

Turns out the woman had in her bag a phone with a recorded message of her baby who had died the year before. The baby was saying "mama" and "cooing" ... it was the only memory left of her baby and she was willing to die to hold on to that special voice, that beautiful cooing, all she had left of her baby.

This thug messed with the wrong mother... she already lost a child, she'd be willing to die to hold on to the small memory left, and guess what, so would I ... how about you?

Click on the link below to see the violent attack. It will make you sick.

VENICE, Calif. ( KTLA) -- The victim of a violent purse-snatching attempt in Venice is speaking out exclusively to KTLA about why she would not let go of her bag, even when the suspect dragged her by it down the street.

The complete article can be viewed at:,0,6926679.story

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 186: Still Recovering

Ran 12 miles today in the rain. Yep, there we were at 6:30 a.m. this morning running through Venice Beach in the rain. We watched the homeless wake up, the storefronts open up, and countless other dedicated runners out there hitting the pavement.

What a kick I got out of looking over at a fellow runner and being so surprised to see it was Congresswoman Jane Harmon! I mean there she was a United States Congresswoman out running by herself. No security detail. Rep. Harmon represents Venice so it was refreshing to see her out in her 'hood!

When we were finished we had clocked 12 miles. No wonder I'm sitting on ice packs with aching legs tonight. This is madness, that's for sure ... of course until next week when we'll do it all over again and probably add miles. Run Robyn Run!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 185: A Terrible Tragedy

My heart is so heavy tonight.

A young High School boy was hit by a car and killed while running during his cross country class today in Sherman Oaks. The story is horrific enough, especially for any parent of young teenage boys, but made even more horrible for me because I know the parents.

All I keep thinking about is Conor's mother and how her heart is broken into pieces that will never be repaired. This is the second Mother I know personally who has lost a son this year.

A few months ago I wrote about a woman whose son was shot while working at a legal marijuana dispensary. And today to learn of another son taken from his mother is just unbearable. I could not even comprehend the pain and loss the family is experiencing.

Hug your children tonight.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 184: Half Way Through

Wow, hard to believe I have hit the half way mark of my year long Birthday Blog!

Think about this? How many things do you do EVERYDAY? Hopefully bath & brush your teeth! But most of us don't exercise 7 days a week or work 7 days a week, or participate in our hobbies 7 days a week. But I have written an entry in my public life diary EVERYDAY since my 49th Birthday on April 17, 2010. That's a pretty cool accomplishment. I made a goal, a commitment and I have stuck with it.

Got me thinking about the goals we set for ourselves and how many of us really stick to them. I feel as if I'm on a roll sticking to commitments. I made a commitment some time ago to train to run a Marathon in advance of turning 50. I'm on my way with 6 months to go. If my body hangs on, then I'll be running 26.2 miles on March 20, 2011.

I made a goal to write daily about my life's musings ... even if the posts are mundane or silly or serious ... I wanted to keep a daily record of how I spent the year leading up to 50 years old. I made a commitment to be the ultimate support system for my three sons and their education and baseball activities. That means driving all over the county if need be to attend games or traveling to Oregon to watch my oldest son play ball. That means rising before 6 every morning to cook them a hot breakfast so their minds can function better. It means taking an active role in their homework and all school activities. Don't ever underestimate your role as a parent and the influence you carry over your children's lives.

So today I celebrate sticking to my daily entries. It hasn't been easy to always write, there are days that I'd rather not chronicle, but that too is why I write. Because the Blog project is about logging the good the bad the ugly, because that is real and honest.

So I'm toasting my half way mark today! Thank you to all my followers who have joined me on this journey and my celebration!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 183: My Friend the Opera Singer

Okay, how many of you can say you have a friend that sings Opera? I bet none of you! Can you believe I have a high school gal pal who has been a professional opera singer for more than 20 years!

Diana Tash and I attended junior high and high school together. Last year was our 30th High School reunion and many of the gals from the old gang began reconnecting in advance of the summer reunion. That has led to a rekindling of so many lovely friendships. Since then we have all gotten together every few months to stay connected. I have Blogged about these gatherings and my girlfriends several times.

Today Diana was performing locally so I attended to support her and to hear her beautiful voice. It was such a treat to listen to her sing and to watch her perform. She is just enchanting as an artist and a joy to support. My Dad loves opera so I took him with me to the performance. He has not seen Diana for 30 years and thought she was a marvelous singer. She was so kind to have sent him her CDs and when he heard her sing he thought she had a magial voice and wanted to see her perform live. Diana's mom attended today's performance too and I hadn't seen her for 30 years! It was a big love fest seeing the parents and the parents seeing us "kids" who are now grown women. A really touching afternoon.

It's so fascinating the careers we choose and the journey we take that leads us to our passions work-wise. I am so proud of Diana's accomplishments and her talent. I think it's really cool that I can say I have a friend who sings opera!

To learn more about Diana's performances, visit her website at

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 182: PSAT Day

You ask what is the PSAT? The Practice SAT of course! Harrison & Spencer and all their pals took the exam today. While they are only in 10th grade the idea is that you get students prepared by taking the test early on in High School. The score then can be used as a benchmark.

If you score poorly you've got plenty of time to bone up on your studies ... or if you do fairly well then you know you are on the right course. Key is exam strategy as these tests are timed and there is a lot of material to get through.

I picked up 6 boys after the test. I had to giggle at how damn cute these 15 year old boys are. They put a smile on my face everyday. Just the mundane simply things of listening to them talk in the car about music (mostly rap) or their friends or teachers ... I just relish being in their company.

They all reported that they felt the test was not too challenging, but that they didn't have enough time to complete all the sections. This is just a matter of learning test strategies and being more conscious of how much time you have per problem.

The reason we had so many kids to schelp home is because Spencer and his three classmates had to work on an English project. They read Cather in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger and had to put together an entire project on their thoughts of the book. They have worked all afternoon, with me feeding them for fuel. Talk about committed students!

All this was going on while my darling niece Olivia was over and we worked on her college application essays. What a massive undertaking that is! She has to submit different essays prompted by different questions for each University she is applying to. Geez, all the writing!

It's been a school day at the Simon's! All I can say is I'm really happy I'm not in school anymore, I couldn't keep up with these kids!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 181: A New Nail Polish Color

Well I took a leap of faith today! I selected a NEW nail polish color for my fingernails & toes! Now this may not seem like a big deal to most of you, but if you know me, you know I have my signature Pink polish color and I never waver from it. Not for years! The only time I wear a different color is in December around the Holidays where I wear Red, other than that no new color for me ever. It's Forget Me Not Pink Polish for me.

I surprised myself today by saying to my manicurist, "Let's try this new color." It helped that the shade was made by Chanel, my favorite designer of everything! It's a mix between a deep, deep purple and a hint of black.

Sometimes you just gotta change it up. Whether it's your nail color, your haircut, your fashion, your sunglasses, somethings got to change to keep you current! So today for me it was trying a new polish shade. We'll just have to see if I still like it over the next few days.... for now every time I look at my nails I'm wondering where my pretty pink hands went!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 180: Back-to-School

The hubby Brian and I attended Back-to-School Night at Palisades Charter High School this week for our two sons Harrison & Spencer. Both boys are sophomores.

We always enjoy the opportunity to visit the classrooms where the boys spend hours over the year and meeting the teachers who are charged with keeping some 40 plus teenagers alert, inspired, and interested. Certainly no easy task for a teacher or anyone!

We were so impressed with the caliber of education their teachers had received. Three teachers have earned Doctorate degrees. All the others Master's Degree. Their passion for wanting their students to have a love for their respective subject was refreshing and almost made me want to return to school myself! It was a relief to know that the boys are receiving not just a good education, but an outstanding education.

Spencer is enrolled in an Advanced Placement History class - AP courses are college level classes. His teacher is a retired businessman who followed his passion and love of history to the classroom. When you have a person who doesn't have to be there, but chooses to be there for the love of teaching, you are bound to get the best.

There is no greater gift a parent can give their child then education. Both in the classroom and outside in the real world. We worked hard to ensure that the boys could attend Palisades Charter High School and we are thrilled with our decision.

Stay on top of your child's education, it is so very important! Go Pali, Go Dolphins!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 179: Happy Birthday Mom

Hard to believe it's been 15 years since our Mom passed away. Suzanne Sherman would be 70 years old today. No doubt we'd be hosting an extravaganza in her honor! She was the original party girl. Nobody partied better than her... always the life of a party!

Pictured here is Mom and Me at my Baby Shower for the twins. She was so ill here... she was gone months later.

It's difficult to sometimes comprehend that she passed at 55 years old ... as I approach my 50th Birthday I think how YOUNG that was. I can't imagine not being around after 55. I was 33 years old when she died, sis Linda was 34, sis Michele was 35, and kid sister Jennifer only 21 years old. My twin sons, Harrison & Spencer were just 3 months old.

She was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer at age 50. She battled for 5 years. All three of my children born during her illness. Today we remember her.

Hug your loved one's tight today as tomorrow they may be gone.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 178: Trick or Treat

It's that time of year again! Halloween is weeks away... finally got our Evite invitation out today for the Simon Annual Halloween Party! Hosting a Chili Cook-Off this year... should be fun!

The Simon boys have been cooking Chili for many years... Brian started the tradition and has passed the recipe on to Harrison. It's so yummy with all their secret spices and ingredients. MMM-Good!

Will start the decorating this week... that's always a major undertaking as over the years we've accumulated countless decorations. The house always looks festive and the neighborhood children come to see all the lights and ghosts & goblins. It's so cute to see their trick or treating faces. Of course my boys are too old and too cool to dress up anymore. But that doesn't prevent us adults from dressing up and acting like the kids!

It's a silly Holiday, but when the boys were young it was so fun to dress them up and take them from house to house for candy. Really a silly tradition, but one with wonderful memories for me. Now it's the adults who try to outdo themselves with the costumes, that's so fun too!

My Mom always hosted Halloween, decorated like crazy and always made yummy chili. I guess that contributes to why the Halloween and all that surrounds it, means osmuch to me. We've carried on the tradition. I hope my boys will make Halloween a treat for their children. I mean who will I pass all these crazy decorations on to... they better host an annual party!

We had thought about skipping on our annual party this year... but I just couldn't stand having my house be empty on such a lively night. All the disappointed children who would come by and say, "hey the Halloween lady didn't decorate her house this year!"

So let the craziness begin as we kick-off Fall and prepare for Halloween ... what's your costume this year?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 177: Happy Birthday Hubby

Today is my handsome, hunky, hubby's Birthday! For those that don't know, Brian and I met when we were 13 years old! He attended my Sweet Sixteen Birthday party! We've shared more Birthday's together, than not. That's pretty crazy, isn't it?

I'm six months older, he likes to say he prefers older women! Next year we both turn the Big 5-0 and have had many discussions about how to honor this milestone together. As you know I am running a full marathon. It's always been something I've wanted to challenge my mind and body to accomplish, and I thought if not now, when!?! Brian hasn't decided on some "BIG" thing to "do" to honor the Birthday. I think it's different for men then women?

We talked about taking an adventuresome trip with the boys. Maybe Africa? Maybe to Italy or Israel. We are not sure, but we feel like we'd love to usher the year in with a memorable family adventure -- something that both Brian and I and the boys can look back and say, "what a fabulous time together we had back when Mom & Dad turned 50."

But a trip like that takes a lot of planning & resources. It's ok for us to dream and maybe we can make it a reality, but if not we'll get to these places with the boys one of these days.

In the meantime, Brian and I are content with knowing that physically we are both in the best shape we've ever been in; we have three healthy sons; we have a beautiful, warm home; we have a loving extended family; fabulous friends; and a bond between us that I hope lasts forever. I'd say that trumps any trip we could take and is worthy of a celebration everyday!

Happy Birthday Brian! May all your wishes come true this year and beyond!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 176: Supporting Great Leadership

Today the hubby and I attended a great meet & greet for Laurie Lieberman, candidate for Santa Monica School Board. Coincidentally both Brian and I met Laurie through different channels.

Laurie and her husband were referred to Brian through dear mutual friends of ours Elizabeth & Richard Stearns. The Lieberman's are interested in remodeling their home.

Pictured here are me, NWPC endorsed candidate, Laurie Lieberman, and host & friend Elizabeth Gelfand Stearns.

I met Laurie through my political circles. She came before the National Women's Political Caucus - Political Action Committee seeking an endorsement. She received the endorsement unanimously.

Laurie is a talented and qualified candidate who would be an asset to the School Board or frankly any Board she served on. The children and families of Santa Monica would be fortunate to have a leader with her experience and commitment toward children and their education.

We are thrilled to support Laurie in her bid for the Santa Monica School Board and we encourage all of you to do the same. To learn more about Laurie, please visit:

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 175: The Social Network

The hubby Brian and I went to see The Social Network movie tonight... you know the one about the creator(s) of Facebook. LOVED it! I've been fascinated by this story and the creator. He created Facebook at age 19, while attending Harvard. The same age my son is now. It's mind boggling to think of that.

It's also crazy to wrap your arms around Mark Zuckerberg being the YOUNGEST BILLIONAIRE in the world. Wow, now that's some serious bank to throw around!

Anyway, I'm not sure if he is the "original" creator or not of Facebook. Yes, the hunky handsome Harvard twin boys may have had an idea and they may have brought it to Zuckerberg, but the nerdy computer kid is the one who built and launched a social networking site. He out foxed the other Harvard boys. Not the first time business will go down this way, nor will it be the last.

What is genius is the idea that a boy, a teenager, developed a site that some are predicting will have more users than not. The site is only 7 years old and has 500 million friends.

It has changed the way we communicate forever -- for good or bad. For a candidate it was a magic tool. We used it to invite people to my campaign events, to post endorsements and other campaign related stories. How else could you communicate your message so broadly and effectively with so little resources? You can't. So for you naysayers, get on board. Facebook is great, if used for its' creator's intent.

Just like Apple, Microsoft, HP (Hewlett Packard), now Facebook will share the story of a young entrepreneur with a genius IQ who created a piece of technology that is now in our vernacular ... FaceBook me!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 174: Supporting Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project

Last night hubby Brian and I attended a fundraiser for the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project -- the advocacy arm of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles. Many of our friends have been supporters for years. This year we were invited by Board member and good friend Debra Spector. Her and her husband Bruce are generous donors. We applaud you both for your generosity and commitment to such an important organization.

The group's signature event, Politics, Sex & Cocktails raises substantial money to promote pro-choice, pro-family legislation at the local, state and federal levels. Your contributions help defeat efforts to curb access to medically-accurate sex education, family planning, and abortion services.

One of the Champion of Choice Honorees was Connie Britton. You might know her as Tammy Taylor, the High School counselor, wife of the East Dillion High football coach, and Mom extraordinaire on the hit TV show Friday Night Lights; one of my boys favorite TV programs and one of the best written TV shows on air today.

Ms. Britton was honored for her portrayal of Tammy Taylor, a woman who counsels a teenage girl on her choices after learning the student is pregnant. The dialogue is real and smart. The episode focuses on the reaction of the townspeople after learning that Ms. Britton's character has also included in the choices for the young woman, an abortion. The show did a marvelous job at portraying the reaction and emotional impact the choice issue still has among so many. Especially in a small Texas town where the TV show is set. Kudos to the writers for bringing this issue to the screen in a professional and yet personal way.

Brian and I have long supported the work performed by Planned Parenthood and believe strongly in their mission to provide access to all women for all their family planing decisions.

Maybe next year some of you will join us in attending and supporting such a great and important organization serving our community.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 173: You Got Style Girl

You wear it well, Robyn! You are always so put together! Loved hearing my friend and hairstylist (Rebecca at Salon Dione tell me this today! Got me thinking about style. Not sure if having style is something you learn, something you are born with or a little bit of both. But I love it when people tell me they love my "style."

If you don't know, I am an accessory junkie, I mean really! The bigger, the glitzier, the more colorful, the better. But not gaudy or tacky... just enough to add a little "umph" to an outfit. Accessories are key in my mind. They can make or break the outfit.

I'm also a mixer-upper ... meaning I can piece together the real "stuff" such as jewelery, designer handbag & shoes with the Target purchased dress and look like I just stepped out of a magazine. That is a real talent to be able to have an eye for mixing up the labels.

I wrote a few days ago about some of the new fashion trends for Fall and how unhappy I was with the proposed "looks." Well, I did buy a wide, stretch belt and I did wear it over a beautiful long, plum color sweater. Guess what? Everyone loved the look! I couldn't believe it! I was so opposed to this style especially for women with full figures like me... but it all worked and I received many compliments on how it looked. Go figure. The stylists were right. You can make the look work.

Just goes to show you, if the look doesn't overwhelm you at first, give it a try anyway just in case you can rock it. You never know until you try.

Another style that I adore and has always worked for me -- long before it became hip, thanks to the popular television show Mad Man -- is the 50s era clothing. Tailored, fitted dresses with scoop necklines, lots of pearls, neat curled hair ... I just think it's such a classic (and well yeah lady-like) look and again for us full figured women it looks terrific. I'm not much of the messy, tousled I just rolled out of bed look. I mean people who spend hundreds of dollars on jeans that have holes and look worn, I just don't get that look at all. But then again I'm not much of a jean wearer either. I favor dresses, skirts or slacks to jeans. Although I do have jeans and wear them, I prefer a more cleaner, classier look.
What's your style? Find it, own it & flaunt it girlfriend!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 172: More Birthday's

The gals from University High School gathered tonight to celebrate October Birthday's. This is a group of gal pals I've known since Junior High School. Several of us have remained tight friends over the years while others reconnected last year in advance of our 30th High School Reunion. We've made an effort to get together every couple of months to celebrate Birthday's & life.

Life has turned out different for us all. Some are married, others divorced; some are sober; gay, have children, no children, have fulfilling careers, while others are just holding on paycheck to paycheck. We will all turn 50 next year.. I can still remember these gals with fresh 13 year old faces. My gosh how many years have gone by?

Tonight we were hosted by one of my oldest and dearest friends Farrel Freeman. Oh the memories we shared from Junior High and High School! Stories I'd never repeat to my children! She moved back to Los Angeles one year ago and it's been wonderful having her back in my life.

Gal pal Jill Offer of course was in attendance. Jill, Farrel and I not only were inseparable in high school, we also went off to college together in San Fransisco. Jill and I have parallel lives -- both married boys from high school, both had three children, each with one in college now! Damn where did those years go?

I look forward to our reunions together. The older I get the more I like to be in the company of familiarity -- people who came from where you came from; shared your experiences; truly care about you.

Happy October Birthday to the gals from High School!