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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 182: PSAT Day

You ask what is the PSAT? The Practice SAT of course! Harrison & Spencer and all their pals took the exam today. While they are only in 10th grade the idea is that you get students prepared by taking the test early on in High School. The score then can be used as a benchmark.

If you score poorly you've got plenty of time to bone up on your studies ... or if you do fairly well then you know you are on the right course. Key is exam strategy as these tests are timed and there is a lot of material to get through.

I picked up 6 boys after the test. I had to giggle at how damn cute these 15 year old boys are. They put a smile on my face everyday. Just the mundane simply things of listening to them talk in the car about music (mostly rap) or their friends or teachers ... I just relish being in their company.

They all reported that they felt the test was not too challenging, but that they didn't have enough time to complete all the sections. This is just a matter of learning test strategies and being more conscious of how much time you have per problem.

The reason we had so many kids to schelp home is because Spencer and his three classmates had to work on an English project. They read Cather in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger and had to put together an entire project on their thoughts of the book. They have worked all afternoon, with me feeding them for fuel. Talk about committed students!

All this was going on while my darling niece Olivia was over and we worked on her college application essays. What a massive undertaking that is! She has to submit different essays prompted by different questions for each University she is applying to. Geez, all the writing!

It's been a school day at the Simon's! All I can say is I'm really happy I'm not in school anymore, I couldn't keep up with these kids!


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