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Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 279: They Passed, Should I be Happy?

So the twin teenagers Harrison & Spencer passed their written driver's exam today, means they are now licensed to drive (with an adult 25 years or older in the car)! Be warned I say, stay off the road. All their friends are getting their learner's permits... it's the year of turning 16.

While I know it is a rite of passage to get your license and experience freedom in a car, it's not exactly something I relish. At 16 years young your brain is still mush. Your judgement is poor, your instincts not trained, your driving skills mild at best, and yet thousands of kids hit the road with a machine that is deadly.

I remember going through this entire experience with college boy. We had him drive us everywhere so he got as much experience behind-the-wheel as possible. That was a very smart move on our part. But it still scared the heck out of me. I never really slept till I heard him come home. Now that I think about it, I've really never slept deep since having children.

As with my older boy, we had Harrison & Spencer take their exam today, January 21, which is exactly 6 months till their 16th birthday's on July 21st. That way if they pass the driving test in July they will receive their license on their 16th birthday. That's a very cool feeling and I'm happy for them, just so ambivalent about it myself.

The thought of them driving on Pacific Coast Highway and so much freeway driving to get to and from their school scares the heck out of me. Oh well, I suppose we'll cross that impasse when it arrives.

In the meantime, we hit another milestone today in the raising of children. Why is it that none of these experiences, feelings, emotions, fears, or worries were ever explained in the delivery room?