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Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 335: Shopping at the Marathon Expo

Today Melody Roset, my incredible trainer and soul sister on this running journey, and I headed to Dodger Stadium, the site of the start line for Sunday's LA Marathon. All runners have to pick up their registration & bib number prior to race day ... so off we went!

Very exciting to be around so many committed people to fitness and
challenging themselves to this awesome feat of a marathon!

And c
an you believe it... I was one of the first 250 runners to register so my NAME was painted on a Honda ... check it out... so cool.... maybe I'll win a new car, since I know I'm not winning the race Ha Ha!

And to be around vendors, suppliers, products all geared to runners! So fun!

And of course Robyn couldn't resist shopping for all the fun accessories t
hat accompany runners....

I mean a girl's gotta look good when she's sweating, right?

It was a great day to get even more energized for Sunday's run! Run Robyn Run!