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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 308: More Campaigning

You can surely tell we have an election coming up. Yep, March 8th is Election Day and there are lots of hot races around the county. Today I spent time phone banking for Abbe Land & Lindsey Horvath, both running for re-election in West Hollywood.

Unfortunately their campaigns, as many campaigns often do, have turned a bit ugly. Untruthful and nasty rumors being spread, accusations lobbied at them, unsubstantiated and unverified news reports being written, ah brings up all the fun stuff from campaigning - NOT!

It is really unfortunate that people can't just let the candidates have their positions, if you agree, great, if not support someone else. But don't go negative or ugly!

Check out my post #306 to learn more about Abbe & Lindsey, both committed public servants.

If you live in Beverly Hills you are not immune to nasty politics either.

Same rumor machine and misinformation... do your own research on your candidates, don't just believe everything you read or hear.

I'm supporting the re-election of Nancy Krasne, and the election of Lili Bosse.

Nancy was a champion of mine when I ran for Los Angeles City Council. As we know, I lost. Nancy then ran as a first time candidate and kicked ass!
She is direct and honest and the type of person you want watching the city coffers and business.

While Lili is a first time candidate, she is not new to politics in Beverly Hills. She is a long time public servant serving on many city boards and commissions for more than a decade. A reliable volunteer, and public school booster she learned the ropes by actually doing the work. She would be a great compliment to Nancy and I'd love to see these two women rock it together.

In the meantime, let's hope that over the next two weeks the ugliness of politics and campaigning will subside.