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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 348: Beach Walking with Gal Pal Jill

Ah, what a glorious way to kick start your day! I was back at the beach this morning, this time not to run, but to power walk with gal pal Jill. Oh, what a glorious morning!

We walked at least 6 miles and then rewarded ourselves with a yummy breakfast at Back on the Beach! Talk about feeling like being on vacation in your own city!

We marveled at all the babies and mommies playing at the Annenberg Park right next to the restaurant. We reminisced about when our now college and high school aged children, were that young and scrumptious. Part of us felt a yearning to go back to those days of cuddles and cute
ness, while the other part rejoiced in a life lived full and now an opportunity to take a walk and not have the demand of babies. Although we both agreed, raising teenagers and college aged children might not be as physically demanding, but it certainly tests your parenting skills mentally!

Jill and I met when we were 13 years old, the same age we met Brian Simon too. We both turn 50 in the next few weeks. Wow! So many years, so many memories. As we sat on the beach watching youth in front of us, we reflected on life, marriage, parenting, careers, friendships, vacations, death ... and of course what we vision for the next chapter, the next 50 years of our life.

It was a beautiful morning and I felt blessed to share it with with my dear, special friend Jill. Take stock folks in what you have, friendships are a gift, make sure you nurture them.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 347: Beach Sand Running

What a glorious day here in Los Angeles today! It felt great to get back to my running after a little post marathon break. Today Melody and I headed back to one of our favorite spots to run... Santa Monica beach.

We changed it up a bit and ran in the sand. Oh my gosh, talk about a killer workout for your tushy and calves. It felt great!
As crazy as it might sound, given the marathon was not even two weeks ago, I want to run another race!

I know it's crazy thinking, but
I want to run and have a "happier" race with better elements and a better finish time! So I'm going to run a half marathon in the next couple months and then figure out which next Marathon to sign up for!

Run Robyn Run!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 346: Please Follow Me

Greetings my devoted BLOG supporters! Hard to believe that I am closing in on one year of daily posting on my Birthday BLOG... a project I began, April 17, 2010 and have been faithful with through now.

I love having an outlet to share thoughts, musings, opinions, sarcasm, love, anger... and everything in between! I love writing about my family, especially my sons, and I love writing about my wonderful friends and the very active life I lead.
Sometimes I will go back and read posts, and even I am impressed with how much I juggle!

So here's the dealio ... many of you visit this site, because you tell me you have read a particular post, but you are not signed up as a follower.
Here's my challenge... I want to have 100 followers (minimum) by my 50th Birthday on April 17.

Can you help me achieve this very simple goal by becoming a follower if you are not already and then share my BLOG with your contacts and invite them to sign up to follow me.
It sure would make me happy...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 345: Recovering

While it's always terrific to go away, returning home is a struggle. All the tasks you perform on a daily basis are backlogged, and you spend the first 24 hours upon returning just playing catch-up. Here are just a few of the projects I am juggling today and beyond...

Preparing for my speaking engagement at the West Hollywood Wom
en's Leadership Conference on April 9th... are you registered yet?

Organizing for the 50 for 50 National Women's Political Caucus event on April 14th in which I am being honored for turning 50 ... who knew getting older had such benefits! Please join me! Invitation link below:


Filling forms out and writing deposits for the boy's San Diego Spring break baseball tournament... April 18 - 21

Filling out forms and writing checks for Camp Harmony for the boys volunteer work over the summer...

Keeping baseball uniforms clean for 3 games this week.... that's a minimum of 9 hours at the baseball field watching baseball in 5 days, that doesn't include the 12 hours this past weekend at the field in Salem, Oregon at Willa
mette University...

Securing, filling out applications and sending deposit for housing for the college boy in Oregon for next year...

Making sure proper attire is on hand for teenage boys and myself for big 50th birthday shin-dig this weekend for a good friend ...

Bringing down the Valentine's candy (yes I'm a little behind) and getting Spring candy filled in the famous kitchen candy drawers...

Trying to figure out how to get the boys to both the orthodontist and dentist when baseball means they are not home till 7 or later every night...

Buying new boxers for the boys since every pair either has holes or doesn't belong to them (what's with all these teenage boys leaving their underwear everywhere they sleep!)

Stocking the frig with food after being out of town and of course retuning with not
hing left in the cupboards...

Visiting the DMV to get license plates put on the car ...

Coordinating with the computer tech gal to get printer up and running (it was working before I left for Oregon and surprisingly I return and it's broken now, wonder how that happened?)

Running, yes have to get back on the road, don't want to lose all my hard work...

It just goes on and on and on.... it is a full and active life that is for sure, I just need to also find time to BREATHE ...

I'm tired writing this list, and now I've got to actually execute all this ...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 344: College Life

Ah, to be in college again. It really is a very fascinating and fabulous time in one's life. The opportunity to learn, absorb, grow as a person, meet new friends, dream, ponder, be excited about the future and be in love. What could be better?

Not really sure when in life you have the opportunity to focus on just YOURSELF. Many never get the chance. For those that are lucky enough to attend college, it really is something to relish and appreciate! Once you graduate it's into the real world... well that's a post for another day... today's remarks are about how much fun I am having here in Salem, Oregon with my college son Brandon and his fabulous friends!

Check out my boy Brandon (on the right) talking with his pitching coach after throwing another stellar game and picking up the WIN!

I had such a wonderful visit meeting and spending time with Brandon's
friends and hanging out with all the parent's in the stands. It made me feel so happy to meet the terrific friends Brandon has selected. Our friend and fabulous photographer Kalli Norimoto joined the weekend fun to watch the baseball games with us and we all laughed, ate and had fun together.

Pictured to the right are Brandon and Kalli in their Willamette University gear! Go Bearcats!

Tonight Brandon, his friends and I headed to dinner. Too fun for me to listen to them talk about the future, the moment, what's important.... was I ever that young?

Pictured here is Brandon's baseball teammate Chris and his girlfriend Alex, both good friends of Brandon's up at Willamette! Too cute!

Spending time with your children, no matter their age, is a gift. Your children wanting you to spend time with them and their friends, is priceless.

I was honored and proud to be his Mom and he was happy I was there with him.
Love to Brandon, Kalli, Alex, Chris, Jake, Parker and his beautiful mom Sue. Here's to more great times at Willamette University.

It was a Good Day to be a BEARCAT!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 343: College B-Ball

I'm in Salem, Oregon this weekend to watch my college boy play baseball! Today was a double header so a long day at the field.

Brandon started the first game and was outstanding! He is having a spectacular baseball season and it has been a thrill to watch him play, read about his talent, and follow his stats! Very exciting!

However, there is nothing fun about watching baseball in pouring down rain! These poor boys are constantly covering the field with a tarp, prepping the field after a downpour while the fans sit, and sit, and sit in the cold & rain!

Ugh, playing an outside sport in the Pacific Northwest is certainly got its drawbacks, and the climate is the biggest!
Brandon picked up the W for the first game, unfortunately the Bearcats lost the second one.

Then tonight Brandon, his friends and I headed to dinner where we laughed and ate... It was a perfect way to end a long day at the baseball field.

And guess what, we get to do it all over again tomorrow. Check this post out about my big boy!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 342: The Finish Line

Still reeling over the LA Marathon this past Sunday and the challenging conditions we ran in... this is me at the Finish Line... I look like a soaking mess! Which I was! But check out how Melody and I are smiling! Love that we finished happy because the actual run was far from happy, it was miserable!

Pictured here at the Finish Line at Santa Monica beach... Melody Roset of Mako Training and me!

It's been quite a week for me! I ran my first Marathon, my son Spencer cracked his hand bone when an errant pitch nailed him - he'll be out of baseball for a minimum of two weeks, my son Harrison pitched the game of his career, and I flew to Salem, Oregon to visit my college boy Brandon.

It will be a weekend of baseball in the rain, lots of good meals and company with his college friends and baseball teammates. Ah, it's never dull in the Simon house... always on the move!

More tomorrow ...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 341: My Rock Star Son

If you follow my BIRTHDAY BLOG, or you know me well, you know I am passionate about my family and especially my three sons. Brandon, Harrison & Spencer rock my world and make each day a joy to live for... now I'm not saying they don't also piss me off, I mean let's be honest, kids can really get on your nerves too!

But this week my son Harrison created a magical moment for Brian and I. As parent's we were kvelling!

Pictured here is Harrison working his magic on the pitcher's mound.

At Tuesday night's baseball game at
Palisades Charter High School this 15 year-old, gentle giant stood on the pitcher's mound for 7 innings heaving the ball, and contributing to a nail biting game. He threw 11 STRIKEOUTS... and his teammates backed him up perfectly... it was a fabulous night with lots of celebration for all the players and their parents.

Today the
Palisadian Post Newspaper wrote an article about the team... it's just too sweet not to share... Enjoy the read...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 340: Women's Leadership Conference

Today I had a meeting with the organizer's of the West Hollywood Women's Leadership Conference, of which I am the opening speaker for on Saturday, April 9th.

I'm looking forward to kicking the day off and getting attendees pumped for what the day will offer. Nothing like being in a room full of creative, talented and passionate women to make you want to be a better person!

I really do hope you will consider attending this empowering conference. The day's programs will offer attendees an opportunity to mingle with other energetic and passionate women; learn how to run for public office or become appointed to a Board or Commission; help you fine tune your public relations skills; and hopefully have you all leaving rejuvenated and ready to implement the tools you learn to grow your business, or feel more empowered at work and in your lives!

Please join me for the morning session at 9 a.m. and help me get the day started with a boost of energy! Hope to see you on April 9th!

To register and to view all the speakers, please visit:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 339: My Throbbing Toenail

Can you believe it, the only casualty from my running in Sunday's Los Angeles Marathon is my bruised and battered left large toenail. The pain is excruciating... throbbing pain... who knew a damaged nail could cause so much pain!

Other then this issue, I'm feeling great two days after torrential rains dampened my spirit and my first marathon. But not to fret I finished the race with a smile on my face... and now I've an insanely painful nail to prove I ran all 26.2 miles !

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 338: The Day After ...

Thank you all so very, very much for your wonderful congratulations, accolades, and kudos toward my completion of yesterday's marathon. Your sentiments mean so much to me and really warm my heart! All your calls, cards, texts, emails, Face Book posts, they all made me smile today!

I'm feeling GREAT ... Given I ran for 6 hours in torrential rains! I ran in wet socks, shoes and clothing and it was brutal, just miserable. The casualty to my body seems to
be that I'll be losing a toenail on my left foot... you can't expect to run in wet socks sliding up and down for hours in the rain and not have some fallout!

In my case it is an incredibly sore toenail, I mean excruciating pain. I'm wearing Brian's compression socks for some ankle swelling, but I feel pretty damn good. Was up early walking up and down the stairs...

Below are some of my favorite words of inspiration...


Hey Mom,

Just wanted to wish you good luck tomorrow on your marathon. I'm super proud of you and proud that I have a Mom that can actually do that. I even told some of my friends that you were running. Regardless of your time you should be proud. I don't know very many people than can run a marathon, and I'm pretty sure I don't know any moms that can run one. You set out a goal from last year and no matter your time, you accomplished it... so congratulations!

I love you! Good luck, Brandon


The great ones empower people by BOTH words and deeds. You are a Renaissance woman and I hear you roar!!! Love, An admirer.


Robyn, I am so deeply moved by what you accomplished today. It was an honor to watch you do it. You inspire me beyond words!!!


I could not have persevered without all of you supporting me the entire journey. A special and very loud shout out to my friend and trainer Melody Roset, who has run-side-by-side with me for an entire year. She never gave up on me despite my bitching and moaning with all my ailments. She was always a source of encouragement and her skillful training is what led me to the Finish Line successfully and why I'm feeling so good post-the-run.

And a huge thank you too to hubby Brian Simon and Rebecca Simon for planning a post celebration for me ... the rain may have dampened our party, but knowing that they put so much love into organizing this for me, is truly the gift.

I need to go take another Epsom salt bath for my bod and for this throbbing toenail... love you all. Run Robyn Run!