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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 341: My Rock Star Son

If you follow my BIRTHDAY BLOG, or you know me well, you know I am passionate about my family and especially my three sons. Brandon, Harrison & Spencer rock my world and make each day a joy to live for... now I'm not saying they don't also piss me off, I mean let's be honest, kids can really get on your nerves too!

But this week my son Harrison created a magical moment for Brian and I. As parent's we were kvelling!

Pictured here is Harrison working his magic on the pitcher's mound.

At Tuesday night's baseball game at
Palisades Charter High School this 15 year-old, gentle giant stood on the pitcher's mound for 7 innings heaving the ball, and contributing to a nail biting game. He threw 11 STRIKEOUTS... and his teammates backed him up perfectly... it was a fabulous night with lots of celebration for all the players and their parents.

Today the
Palisadian Post Newspaper wrote an article about the team... it's just too sweet not to share... Enjoy the read...


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