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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 340: Women's Leadership Conference

Today I had a meeting with the organizer's of the West Hollywood Women's Leadership Conference, of which I am the opening speaker for on Saturday, April 9th.

I'm looking forward to kicking the day off and getting attendees pumped for what the day will offer. Nothing like being in a room full of creative, talented and passionate women to make you want to be a better person!

I really do hope you will consider attending this empowering conference. The day's programs will offer attendees an opportunity to mingle with other energetic and passionate women; learn how to run for public office or become appointed to a Board or Commission; help you fine tune your public relations skills; and hopefully have you all leaving rejuvenated and ready to implement the tools you learn to grow your business, or feel more empowered at work and in your lives!

Please join me for the morning session at 9 a.m. and help me get the day started with a boost of energy! Hope to see you on April 9th!

To register and to view all the speakers, please visit:


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