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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 20: A Cure for Will

Tonight Brian and I attended the Dealing for Duchenne's fundraiser. This is the third year we have attended and supported the efforts of these diligent parents working to find a cure for a deadly disease that affects their beautiful sons.

Duchenne Muscular Distrophy
only affects boys. Not sure why, but only boys. A missing gene contributes to muscles not developing and eventually the body breaking down and ending in death. There is no cure for Duchenne. No cure for a disease that is so ugly.

Amy & Chris Martin are our friends, neighbors, and community members and we love their entire family. We met years ago when their son Derek and our boys Harrison & Spencer all played baseball at Cheviot Hills Park. Those were some fabulous days watching all our boys play great baseball. Now they've all moved on to High School. The Martin's also have a beautiful younger daughter, N
atalie, and son Will who has Duchenne.

The Martin's are desperate to find a cure. While it's not much, we believe that attending and giving what we can is our way of showing support for their beautiful family while also hopefully contributing to finding a cure.

If you are wondering whose in that picture with me above... it's Super Bowl Champs, Green Bay Packers football star Clay Matthews and gal pal Lisa Martin.

Clay is a huge supporter of finding a cure for Duchenne and was gracious enough to take pictures with all the fawning women who couldn't wait to get their arms around him! He's quite a hunk both in his physic and in his heart for giving his time to help eradicate Duchenne.

Kudos to him and to Amy & Chris for being such wonderful parents, friends, and fund
raisers for a very important cause.
To learn more about Duchenne or to make a contribution in honor of Will Martin, please visit