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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 327: My Zoe

After a week full of campaigning, and loss, and heartache... it was refreshing to host my niece Zoe for dinner tonight. She attends Utah State University and is in town for Spring Break. I was so happy she could join me and the boys for dinner tonight.

Harrison suggested we make lamb. Gotta love that child. I mean really seriously how many 15 year old boys suggest lamb for dinner? So we ate a yummy dinner and laughed and talked and it was great.

Can't believe how the kids are all growing... after this week it was refreshing to have the distraction of teenager issues and forget about my
"big adult" campaign drama, etc. And for a person who is really not a fan of lamb, I gotta tell you, it was pretty damn good.

Maybe all in the world is working out.