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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 277: Digging the New Judge

Tonight was the opening season for American Idol! I know it sounds corny, but the boys and I love to watch this show and it's a show we have watched together for years. The truth is, there is very limited programming where teenagers and parents can both watch with interest.

We love to watch the contestants - both the talented & shameful one's - and we love hearing the personal stories. Kudos to the American Idol producers who seek out the heart wrenching stories profiling those auditioning. Always makes me cry.

And this year of course as we all know, offered two new judges. I adore Jennifer Lopez so I was thrilled to have her joining the judging team, but I was a little confused about the Steven Tyler selection ... that is until I saw him tonight! Wow! He dazzled me. I thought he did an excellent job... and believe me I am not a rocker or a groupie of aging rockers.

I'm excited for this season... love witnessing young people's dreams come true!