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Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 342: The Finish Line

Still reeling over the LA Marathon this past Sunday and the challenging conditions we ran in... this is me at the Finish Line... I look like a soaking mess! Which I was! But check out how Melody and I are smiling! Love that we finished happy because the actual run was far from happy, it was miserable!

Pictured here at the Finish Line at Santa Monica beach... Melody Roset of Mako Training and me!

It's been quite a week for me! I ran my first Marathon, my son Spencer cracked his hand bone when an errant pitch nailed him - he'll be out of baseball for a minimum of two weeks, my son Harrison pitched the game of his career, and I flew to Salem, Oregon to visit my college boy Brandon.

It will be a weekend of baseball in the rain, lots of good meals and company with his college friends and baseball teammates. Ah, it's never dull in the Simon house... always on the move!

More tomorrow ...


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