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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 348: Beach Walking with Gal Pal Jill

Ah, what a glorious way to kick start your day! I was back at the beach this morning, this time not to run, but to power walk with gal pal Jill. Oh, what a glorious morning!

We walked at least 6 miles and then rewarded ourselves with a yummy breakfast at Back on the Beach! Talk about feeling like being on vacation in your own city!

We marveled at all the babies and mommies playing at the Annenberg Park right next to the restaurant. We reminisced about when our now college and high school aged children, were that young and scrumptious. Part of us felt a yearning to go back to those days of cuddles and cute
ness, while the other part rejoiced in a life lived full and now an opportunity to take a walk and not have the demand of babies. Although we both agreed, raising teenagers and college aged children might not be as physically demanding, but it certainly tests your parenting skills mentally!

Jill and I met when we were 13 years old, the same age we met Brian Simon too. We both turn 50 in the next few weeks. Wow! So many years, so many memories. As we sat on the beach watching youth in front of us, we reflected on life, marriage, parenting, careers, friendships, vacations, death ... and of course what we vision for the next chapter, the next 50 years of our life.

It was a beautiful morning and I felt blessed to share it with with my dear, special friend Jill. Take stock folks in what you have, friendships are a gift, make sure you nurture them.


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