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Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 338: The Day After ...

Thank you all so very, very much for your wonderful congratulations, accolades, and kudos toward my completion of yesterday's marathon. Your sentiments mean so much to me and really warm my heart! All your calls, cards, texts, emails, Face Book posts, they all made me smile today!

I'm feeling GREAT ... Given I ran for 6 hours in torrential rains! I ran in wet socks, shoes and clothing and it was brutal, just miserable. The casualty to my body seems to
be that I'll be losing a toenail on my left foot... you can't expect to run in wet socks sliding up and down for hours in the rain and not have some fallout!

In my case it is an incredibly sore toenail, I mean excruciating pain. I'm wearing Brian's compression socks for some ankle swelling, but I feel pretty damn good. Was up early walking up and down the stairs...

Below are some of my favorite words of inspiration...


Hey Mom,

Just wanted to wish you good luck tomorrow on your marathon. I'm super proud of you and proud that I have a Mom that can actually do that. I even told some of my friends that you were running. Regardless of your time you should be proud. I don't know very many people than can run a marathon, and I'm pretty sure I don't know any moms that can run one. You set out a goal from last year and no matter your time, you accomplished it... so congratulations!

I love you! Good luck, Brandon


The great ones empower people by BOTH words and deeds. You are a Renaissance woman and I hear you roar!!! Love, An admirer.


Robyn, I am so deeply moved by what you accomplished today. It was an honor to watch you do it. You inspire me beyond words!!!


I could not have persevered without all of you supporting me the entire journey. A special and very loud shout out to my friend and trainer Melody Roset, who has run-side-by-side with me for an entire year. She never gave up on me despite my bitching and moaning with all my ailments. She was always a source of encouragement and her skillful training is what led me to the Finish Line successfully and why I'm feeling so good post-the-run.

And a huge thank you too to hubby Brian Simon and Rebecca Simon for planning a post celebration for me ... the rain may have dampened our party, but knowing that they put so much love into organizing this for me, is truly the gift.

I need to go take another Epsom salt bath for my bod and for this throbbing toenail... love you all. Run Robyn Run!


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