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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 344: College Life

Ah, to be in college again. It really is a very fascinating and fabulous time in one's life. The opportunity to learn, absorb, grow as a person, meet new friends, dream, ponder, be excited about the future and be in love. What could be better?

Not really sure when in life you have the opportunity to focus on just YOURSELF. Many never get the chance. For those that are lucky enough to attend college, it really is something to relish and appreciate! Once you graduate it's into the real world... well that's a post for another day... today's remarks are about how much fun I am having here in Salem, Oregon with my college son Brandon and his fabulous friends!

Check out my boy Brandon (on the right) talking with his pitching coach after throwing another stellar game and picking up the WIN!

I had such a wonderful visit meeting and spending time with Brandon's
friends and hanging out with all the parent's in the stands. It made me feel so happy to meet the terrific friends Brandon has selected. Our friend and fabulous photographer Kalli Norimoto joined the weekend fun to watch the baseball games with us and we all laughed, ate and had fun together.

Pictured to the right are Brandon and Kalli in their Willamette University gear! Go Bearcats!

Tonight Brandon, his friends and I headed to dinner. Too fun for me to listen to them talk about the future, the moment, what's important.... was I ever that young?

Pictured here is Brandon's baseball teammate Chris and his girlfriend Alex, both good friends of Brandon's up at Willamette! Too cute!

Spending time with your children, no matter their age, is a gift. Your children wanting you to spend time with them and their friends, is priceless.

I was honored and proud to be his Mom and he was happy I was there with him.
Love to Brandon, Kalli, Alex, Chris, Jake, Parker and his beautiful mom Sue. Here's to more great times at Willamette University.

It was a Good Day to be a BEARCAT!


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