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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 196: Chili Time

House smells so good tonight.... Brian and Harrison have been chopping and simmering and cooking for hours to prepare the famous Simon Chili for our Halloween Chili Cook-Off Contest! Lots of yummy meat and peppers ... mmmm good! So far we have 5 Chili entries for the Contest, so it should be fun to sample them all !

As I have written about before, Fall is my favorite time of the year ... the house is all decorated very festive for Halloween ... neighbors have been walking by for weeks saying, "we were waiting for you to put your Halloween decorations up!"

Just when you think no one cares, or notices! All the little kids in the hood have been having so much fun watching our electric spiders move back and forth, and the strop lights flashing on the ghosts & goblins draping from our roof. It sure is fun to watch their sweet faces light up!

So tonight we've been preparing for the big bash tomorrow... we even tested the Black Vodka out! Yummy to that too!

So who said Halloween is only for trick-or-treaters? The adults can have some fun too, and we intend too!


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