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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 180: Back-to-School

The hubby Brian and I attended Back-to-School Night at Palisades Charter High School this week for our two sons Harrison & Spencer. Both boys are sophomores.

We always enjoy the opportunity to visit the classrooms where the boys spend hours over the year and meeting the teachers who are charged with keeping some 40 plus teenagers alert, inspired, and interested. Certainly no easy task for a teacher or anyone!

We were so impressed with the caliber of education their teachers had received. Three teachers have earned Doctorate degrees. All the others Master's Degree. Their passion for wanting their students to have a love for their respective subject was refreshing and almost made me want to return to school myself! It was a relief to know that the boys are receiving not just a good education, but an outstanding education.

Spencer is enrolled in an Advanced Placement History class - AP courses are college level classes. His teacher is a retired businessman who followed his passion and love of history to the classroom. When you have a person who doesn't have to be there, but chooses to be there for the love of teaching, you are bound to get the best.

There is no greater gift a parent can give their child then education. Both in the classroom and outside in the real world. We worked hard to ensure that the boys could attend Palisades Charter High School and we are thrilled with our decision.

Stay on top of your child's education, it is so very important! Go Pali, Go Dolphins!


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