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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 173: You Got Style Girl

You wear it well, Robyn! You are always so put together! Loved hearing my friend and hairstylist (Rebecca at Salon Dione tell me this today! Got me thinking about style. Not sure if having style is something you learn, something you are born with or a little bit of both. But I love it when people tell me they love my "style."

If you don't know, I am an accessory junkie, I mean really! The bigger, the glitzier, the more colorful, the better. But not gaudy or tacky... just enough to add a little "umph" to an outfit. Accessories are key in my mind. They can make or break the outfit.

I'm also a mixer-upper ... meaning I can piece together the real "stuff" such as jewelery, designer handbag & shoes with the Target purchased dress and look like I just stepped out of a magazine. That is a real talent to be able to have an eye for mixing up the labels.

I wrote a few days ago about some of the new fashion trends for Fall and how unhappy I was with the proposed "looks." Well, I did buy a wide, stretch belt and I did wear it over a beautiful long, plum color sweater. Guess what? Everyone loved the look! I couldn't believe it! I was so opposed to this style especially for women with full figures like me... but it all worked and I received many compliments on how it looked. Go figure. The stylists were right. You can make the look work.

Just goes to show you, if the look doesn't overwhelm you at first, give it a try anyway just in case you can rock it. You never know until you try.

Another style that I adore and has always worked for me -- long before it became hip, thanks to the popular television show Mad Man -- is the 50s era clothing. Tailored, fitted dresses with scoop necklines, lots of pearls, neat curled hair ... I just think it's such a classic (and well yeah lady-like) look and again for us full figured women it looks terrific. I'm not much of the messy, tousled I just rolled out of bed look. I mean people who spend hundreds of dollars on jeans that have holes and look worn, I just don't get that look at all. But then again I'm not much of a jean wearer either. I favor dresses, skirts or slacks to jeans. Although I do have jeans and wear them, I prefer a more cleaner, classier look.
What's your style? Find it, own it & flaunt it girlfriend!


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