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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 312: Birthday Tunes

I'm going to hold off on updating you on my computer ordeal until tomorrow and instead post about my long distance run today & my fabulous early Birthday present from kid sis Jennifer!

Remember a few days ago I posted about borrowing hubby Brian's ipod and how fun it was to run with music... well the little one and her darling be
au Kevin, bought me an early 50th Birthday present... a PINK ipod.

Pictured here is the kid sis and me in New York over our Thanksgiving trip this past November.

This past weekend
teenager Harrison
transferred my play list from Brian's ipod on to the little bugger and today was my first time using it! Wow, how cool... it's tiny enough to clip on anywhere and the music was terrific! He even downloaded two of my favorite songs to add to the list... Thug Mansion by Tupac (2pac) and Forget You, by Cee Lo Green, awesome!

Athletic trainer & friend Melody kicked my ass once again today...
21 fucking miles is all I can
say. Everything hurts. My feet, knees, hips, lower back, bowels, and new blisters on my boobs, is there anything left on my body?

Pictured here is me and Melody celebrating her birthday last year!

So I have made it to 21, which still leaves 5.2 more miles to go to 26.2, and one month left. No doubt I'll finish the race, I have always finished every project I have ever begun, I'm not a quitter. But it hurts, I mean really hurts!

Thank goodness for my little pink friend, she'll come in handy when I need a little inspiration to keep
me logging those miles. Thank you Jennifer & Kevin for what is truly a very thoughtful, useful and loving gift! They even had it engraved to say Happy 50th Birthday! What could be better?


yousem said...

YAY!!! I'm so glad you got it up and running (no pun intended =)

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