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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 311: Computer Update

Oh my goodness... nothing is ever easy, is it! So if you read yesterday's post you obviously know how pissed off I was about my computer. So today was the day to take action and get this problem resolved! I made contact with my tech gal, Kristie Davidson (more on her later) and on her professional recommendation, I headed to Costco to make my hefty purchase.

Well, if you know me you know I don't
"do" Costco... makes me anxious with all the people and crazy crowds, too much product, too many choices, and then I end up leaving the store spending $500 dollars! But today I was on a mission. Just a computer & printer. No other items!

I didn't feel confident taking this adventure alone, so I enlisted gal pal Lisa Martin to go with me! She maneuvers these stores and missions very well!

Pictured here are me and kid sis Jennifer with Lisa last year in New York for my 49th Birthday!

Of course the salespeople in the electronics department were hor
rible. They were not knowledgeable on the products they carry and could care less if I was about to drop $1,000 in their store. Well they should because customers like me help them keep their jobs! Why can't any sales clerk take pride in their damn job! UGH!

Well the first Costco didn't have the computer I wanted (what a surprise), but I was told that the Hawthorne location had several Sony all-in-one wireless computers in stock. So gal pal Lisa, being the BFF that she is, said, "let's head to Hawthorne." Ugh! again!

Of course the Costco dude doesn't tell us there are TWO Hawthorne locations (of course) so then I had to call and can you believe the woman HUNG UP on me when I inquired on store location and about the inventory for the computer I was looking for!

By this point I am sweating, I mean really shivitsing!
Well we finally found the correct store (very easy, right off the 405 freeway!) and unit I wanted, with thanks to Kristie who I kept calling to make sure I was buying the right products! Whew!

First phase of my mission was completed!

Tomorrow will be phase two... hours spent on setting the new system up!
Can you say Kristie "Help me!" Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Anytime Robyn!! It was definitely a pleasure helping you :) I will try to make your transition from vintage to new as painless as possible! xo

Robyn Ritter Simon said...

Thanks Kristie! I'm loving my new if I just knew how to use it, ha-ha! More tutorials are needed!

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