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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 306: More Great Women Candidates

Tonight I did some campaigning on behalf of two outstanding women running for public office. West Hollywood city council members Abbe Land & Lindsey Horvath are running for re-election. Not only are they champions of women, community, health care, choice, environment, and all the other issues I carry near to my heart, they are also friends.

These are women, who over the years through our political circles, have always shared a fondness and mutual love & respect with me. Abbe is a true leader not only in West Hollywood but throughout Los Angeles County. She has mentored women, supported them, and along the way always displayed a calmness and grace even when confronting battle tough campaigns that turned very ugly over the years.

Lindsey is a young and inspiring woman with potential to continue building on her accomplishments and is not only making her peers proud, but also us "mama" figures too.

If you live in West Hollywood I implore you to cast your votes for these accomplished women on March 8th. If you live outside their city, you surely know people who live in West Hollywood, so please implore them to vote.

As I called voters tonight, I was pleased by Yes responses and dismayed by the negative No comments from voters. Brings back a lot of memories for me. Some very painful.

All the lies and negative items posted about you as a candidate. All the ugly people spewing inaccurate information about you as a person, your character, your accomplishments. It's so very painful, and that is why so few of us jump in the frying pan.

I must applaud my women colleagues, Abbe, Lindsey and my friend Marisa Perez all strong women running for office this election cycle. We also have two outstanding women running for city council in Beverly Hills, Nancy Krasne & Lili Bosse. I will post more about them tomorrow.

Use your voice, vote for these candidates and let women around the world know that we deserve to make the decisions that impact our lives!


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