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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 305: 20 Miles for 20 Years

Today my big boy Brandon turns 20 years old! In honor of his birth, I just ran 20 miles! Yes you read correctly. I ran 20 miles for 20 years.

I want to tell you all about the run, but I have to recover right now ! I'll post all the fun details, and the route that included 5 beach cities, in tomorrow's post. And yes we ran in the rain & cold, it was insane, but no way was I going to let this day not be marked with a huge challenge.

Funny thing is the run took longer then it took for me to birth the boy. Birthing was easy, some 20 minutes, running was close to 5 damn hours!

Can't believe my son has left the teenage years and is 20! Where have the years gone... I love him to the Moon & Stars and Back Again... and I LOVE running, just not 20 miles! More later on today's adventure!

PS I have to give a shout out to gal pal Suzee Markowitz mother of Brandon Bank, also turning 20 today. These boys were born next to each other in the hospital 20 years ago today. What a day & what a memory!


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