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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 294: Celebrating Women Candidates

Spent this beautiful Saturday stomping for my gal pal Marisa Perez, a candidate for Lakewood City Council. I've written about Marisa and her campaign often on my BLOG. I invite you to learn more about her and her passion for making her community a great place to raise a family.

Later in the day I had the honor of meeting another candidate who is running for City Council in Beverly Hills. The National Women's Political Caucus, the political group I serve on the Board of, has a PAC (political action committee) and we interview candidates who seek an endorsement from our organization.

Data reflects that people will vote by gender, ethnicity or by common interests. If a candidate has the NWPC LOGO on her campaign collateral, it tells voters that this candidate supports a woman's right to choice, pay equity, and fostering more women leaders. That might just be enough for a voter to cast a vote for this candidate so an endorsement from our group is significant and meaningful.

Lili Bosse met with our PAC and outlined her campaign strategy and reasons for seeking a seat on the Beverly Hills Council. I thoroughly enjoy meeting candidates. As a former candidate and a person who spends a bulk of my time in politics and on campaigns, I find it fascinating and inspiring to meet women candidates and hear their passion about their race.

Lili is a life long resident of Beverly Hills and a very cemented community leader. Years serving on various Boards and Commissions, including the Planning Commission, will serve her well in her post as a council member. To learn more about Lili, her vision for the city, and what motivates her to run, visit

It was a great day for women candidates and I was proud to share a small part of it!


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