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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 292: Interesting Lecture

This morning I attended a lecture offered at the boys school sponsored by the PTA at Palisades Charter High School. Neighbor and dear gal pal Teresa Jones and I went together. The monthly programs have always sounded interesting, but with my crazy schedule I've never been able to attend. Today I made it happen!

The guest speaker was Dr. Richard Cohen, a well sought-after and respected psychologist who specializes in teens and their behaviors, and relationships with their families. He covers teen drugs, alcohol, sex, relationships, anger, and a whole host of teenage related issues. And as we know there can be quite a few!

Teenagers are a breed to themselves. With changing hormones, peer pressure, wanting to fit "in", competitive school work, and exploring their sexuality, it is a rough time for them and can be a challenge for us parents as well.

So today Dr. Cohen discussed anger, and how it is a behavior so prevalent in teens. He is a licensed anger management specialist. He offered strategies parents can implement to avoid engaging in "battle" with their teens. He discussed how it's very "normal" behavior for teens to have angst, pressure, anxiety, and to take all these emotions out on their parents.

So if you are a parent raising teens now, know that you are not alone in this awkward stage in your child's life. Part of the separation process for adolescents is that they challenge their parents and assert their independence.
Know that as the parent you have the power to control the situation by how you react, how you engage, and what you say during these encounters.

It was a very interesting conversation and I benefited from hearing Dr. Cohen's thoughts and strategies. Parenting like marriage, and all our relationships, takes work, commitment and love. It is not by luck that your kids will ride these years absent of "issues", you must ensure that they do.


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