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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 159: A Son's Love

Just when you feel as if your children don't appreciate all you do for them ... a beautiful reminder comes along to let you know that all your years of making them a priority, made a difference...

All the endless cooking,
And all the endless cleaning,
All the endless times at the park,
And all the times you sat in the dark,
That is love.

When you read me stories, by my bed at night,
It was nothing short of a beautiful sight,
And even when I was having a rough day,
I was able to see, that everything, would be okay,
That is love.

Not only she, but he as well,
You were there every time I fell,
Every hit I got and every pitch I made,
You were constantly there, in the giant crowd,
No matter what, always proud,
That is love.

That is love; it makes us rise above,
Stronger than ever,
Without us, there's no one better,
I love you both as you do me,
I love you Mom and Dad,
You and me will gladly be,family forever...
Because that is love.

Don't ever underestimate the power of parenting or the importance of the work you perform. There is no greater bond then the love between child and parent. My 19 year old son, Brandon wrote this poem in his college creative writing course.


Kalli Norimoto said...

I am EXTREMELY proud of B for writing this! I was so lucky to have witnessed the process and effort he put into a beautiful poem he wrote for his loving parents.

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