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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 158: Fall Fashion Confusion

Calling all my fashion sisters, I need some guidance here!

Okay my lady gal pals, I'm so confused about this Fall's fashion! As we usher in the first day of Fall today, I'm seeing more and more styles splashed in fashion magazines, catalogs and of course stores! But I'm not getting it. I am usually a really good fashionista -- always have been -- I mean heck Suzanne was my mother and nobody could out-dress her. She had impeccable taste and style in her wardrobe. She passed that gene on to her three daughters who are all super fashionistas. We may have different styles, but we are always pulled together!

While I know that eggplant, light grey and green are hot color palates for your wardrobe this season, and of course boots, boots and more boots are a must. And yes I know the military jacket, and fur, lots of faux fur, along with leopard print on anything from shoes to apparel or handbags, are all must-haves ... I'm just not getting how these pieces collectively work? Is it just me or what? And what's with the big wide belts over bulky sweaters? That can't possibly be a good fashion look for more full figured women like myself, can it be?

I'm trying to get my fashion groove on as the season has changed, but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with what is offered. I am not a fan of leggings as a substitute for pants... they are not flattering on most women and they look like you are either wearing your exercise clothing or a pair of tights... I say put a skirt or a pair of pants on!

So I have my leopard dress for the season, thanks to gal pal Lori Soll and her beautiful Ecetera clothing line, and I have a light grey leather jacket, but then what? I'm going to try those big belts, even though I'm really not a belt person. I am, however, a huge accessory gal, which you all know... I love big chunky costume jewelry, especially big rings... the more bling the better, but always tasteful!

I love bright colors so the purple/eggplant shade will work for me as will the green. I love handbags, I mean I am the gal that changes her handbag daily to coordinate with my outfit... I know how crazy huh, but I just love handbags!

So as I flip through the countless catalogs I receive, and cruise through the stores, I need some direction on how to pull this Fall's fashion together? I love dresses, I love the 50s era fashion, I love broaches, designer handbags, lots of jewelry ... love the look of Tory Burch, and of course Chanel, but also wear a lot of INC, the clothing line exclusively at Bloomingdale's and Macy's. So if you have suggestions, will you please send them along with pictures of how to pull it all off!


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