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Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 160: I'm A Celebrity Among the Neighborhood Children

Tonight Brian and I were getting in the car to attend a dinner party at our friend's Debbie & Bruce Spector's house. As I was waiting for hubby Brian to pull the car up my neighbors from down the street -- father & son-- came walking down the street, most likely on their way to Shabbat services. I was greeted with the biggest "Hi Robyn!". Warms my heart every time the neighborhood children walk by and say hello to me by name!

I'm convinced the children were more excited about my political run then most adults (as evident by the vote count ... if only the kids could have voted!). To the children I'm a bit of a celebrity ... they saw my name on lawn signs littered throughout the community and thought that was so cool! They loved my Green Smart Car with "Vote Smart... Vote for Robyn" plastered on the sides, and of course they love visiting me for my always stocked candy drawers in the kitchen! It's the simple things that brings a smile to a child's face.

One of the sweetest feelings for me is when my doorbell rings and I'm greeted with hugs and smiles by the neighborhood kids. When I ask "do you want some candy," there is a resounding "yes" and a bolt toward my kitchen. For those that know me well, you know that I always have an abundance of candy for all my guests! Does my soul really good to know that the kids in the 'hood think so highly of me! (Or just really love that I offer them sweets!)

So among the children in Beverlywood, I'm not only known as the Halloween lady, or the candy lady, but also the lady that ran for some crazy public office!

Honestly I like children more than most adults I come across, especially those I met on the campaign trail. Children love you as long as you smile at them and show them some love. They don't judge or snarl or spread nasty rumors about you ... they are honest and raw and it's so refreshing to be in their company.

So I love it when my doorbell rings and behind the door is an adorable child with a big smile saying Hi Robyn! Warms my heart every time!


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