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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 118: A Comment From The Author!

Oh my gosh I can't control my excitement or my honor! I received a comment today on my Blog regarding my Day: 110 post about Summer Reading Assignments. The post was about how my High School boys, Harrison & Spencer, have reading assignments over the summer and how I feel about such homework over the summer.

I listed the titles and authors of the books the boys selected to read and shared with my followers how I always read the boys' summer selected books. I had started this when Brandon, the college boy, entered Middle School because I was curious about adolescence and believed that reading novels directed to this age group could enlighten me more about what is going on in those crazy minds during teenage years.

I shared in this post how I find reading teenage books a tremendous insight into what our teenagers are going through developmentally in their lives. I have always enjoyed this summer treat of reading their books.

Well, can you believe that one of the authors I listed actually found my BLOG and sent me a message! I mean can you believe this!?! I really am still in shock that a published author took the time to send me a message on my silly Birthday Blog! I am so honored and moved by her comment. Below is the beautiful message she sent me:

I had to comment here even though writers are not supposed to admit they ego-google. But I'm outing myself because I wanted to congratulate you on your wonderful and responsible attitude toward your children's reading assignments. It is a refreshing change from the growing number of parents who read children's books in order to censor not only what their own children are allowed access to but in attempt to control the reading choices of other children. There is so much quality work being written and published for kids and teenagers. Kudos to you for recognizing its value. Melissa Wyatt

(If Harrison has any questions about Funny How Things Change, tell him to feel free to contact me through my website: I'd be delighted to respond.)

Needless to say I am in love with this woman for her thoughtfulness and that she took the time to respond so lovingly! You can bet that when Harrison & I finish reading Melissa Wyatt's book we will be following up with her! I'm thinking that perhaps we invite her to Palisades Charter High School to speak to his English class! I'm really so very touched that my post resonated with the author.

Maybe I am on to something with this blogging daily...maybe I do have some words that are worth reading...thank you Melissa for this wonderful boost for a local blogging writer!


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