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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 119: Yep, He's Got It

So the college boy, Brandon, tested positive for Mononucleosis. Short name MONO or the Kissing Virus. Bummer. He's only got two weeks left until he returns to college and this pesty little virus knocks energy out of your system among other symptoms. I suppose it's better he got it while he's home over summer rather then while in school or goodness forbid during baseball season! That would have really sucked.

While people joke that it is the "kissing" virus, the truth is that there are hundreds of ways for saliva to be transmitted. Little children share lolly pops. Kids drink out of each others straws. In college students live in close quarters in the dormitories laying on one another's pillows ... so there are plenty of ways for saliva to be shared (gross, huh?). I guess it's just more fun to say you got it from kissing!

In any event there's nothing fun about the virus. Brandon's lymph glands are so swollen he can barely swallow anything. His eyes are so puffy he looks like he's having a bad allergic reaction. These are all symptoms of the virus.

Tomorrow he sees Dr. Bluestone, our pediatrician since birth, and there is a chance he'll have to go on steroids to combat this virus. All I know, is that he returns to school in two weeks and I'm really hoping the worst of it is over by then, even though many people experience mono symptoms for months! Ouch!

As a parent no matter what age your child is, you never want to see them not feeling well, but it is all part of the parenting process. Young boys grow into teenagers, they go away to college, they share saliva and they contract this icky virus.

Let's just hope Brandon recovers before the end of August!


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