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Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 120: Steroids, Acupuncture, & Chiropractor

Well, the college boy Brandon is not getting better, in fact he's gotten worse. So today the doc prescribed steroids and Tylenol with codeine. We hope once the meds kick in he will start to feel better. Real bummer to be so lethargic and uncomfortable and in pain.

The high school boy Spencer is still battling chronic neck pain. We have tried chiropractor visits, acupuncture treatments, traction and he has no relief from the pain. Not sure what our next steps will be to fix this pain. He's not sleeping well, and is constantly having to twitch his neck to decompress the vertebrates that are way too compressed for a 15 year old boy!

And while Harrison has no ailments, he's just being a pain in the ass about participating in the Camp Harmony program. Both Harrison & Spencer will be camp counselors at Camp Harmony -- a camp for underprivileged, homeless and foster children throughout Los Angeles. The campers spend one week at Camp Hess Kramer being free of the emotional and physical challenges of their lives.
Harrison's life is so perfect and blessed and he should give of his time, especially to children who need this week so much. I'm his mother and I need to guide him and teach him and if that means making him participate in a program that he doesn't want to because I believe it will enrich his life, then that's what I need to do. It's called parenting! He's really giving me a hard time about going and it's driving me crazy! He's acting like a spoiled teenager and I will have none of it!
Ahh the joys of parenting !


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