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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 121: Only 90 Years

I attended a panel discussion this evening reflecting on Women's Suffrage. For my followers who are too young to know what this is, it's when women won the right to VOTE. It's amazing to me that it's been only 90 years since women won their fight to participate in the voting process. Can you believe that? This means that if you have a Mom, Aunt, or Grandmother who is in her 90s, then when she was born her mother couldn't vote. That's worth taking a pause over. Can you imagine living in a country that doesn't allow the entire citizenry the right to vote.

Unfortunately many parts of the world today still deny women this right. It's criminal what many women endure in other countries. Denied access to education, health care, rights and yes of course the right to vote.

Tonight's event was co-sponsored by the National Women's Political Caucus, LA Westside chapter. I sit on the Board of Directors and have been an active member for a dozen years.

The title of this evening's panel was "We've Come Along Way, MAYBE". Women have made incredible strides over the past 90 years. Just last week we celebrated Elena Kagan being nominated to the United States Supreme Court-- now three women sit on this highest court of the land. Pretty impressive given we were only allowed to vote 90 years ago!

But there's no doubt we have not come as far as is necessary. Women still only make 70 cents on the dollar, far less than their male counterparts performing comparable work.

Today's panel included some of my favorite gal pals: Robin Sax who just rocks it when she speaks; Lindsay Bubar, NWPC co-President representing young women on the panel; and Holly J. Mitchell, who just won her primary for the 47th Assembly District (that's my neighborhood). These women each spoke about their experiences in the workplace and in life and how we've come along in many areas, but there is still much work to be accomplished.

Pictured here from left to right are Lindsay Bubar, co-President of NWPC, LA Westside and one of tonight's panelist; Robin Sax, Legal Analyst and Women & Children's Advocate; and Betsy Johnson, co-President of NWPC LA Westside.

All women in this country should give special thanks and recognition to our foremothers who fought, literally risked their lives, served in jail, were ridiculed by family and community so that today we can exercise our right to vote. Don't ever forget those that came before you and what they did and sacrificed so we can have what we have today.

Happy 90 Year's to The Woman's VOTE!


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