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Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 117: Where I'd Be Right Now

Had I opted to go to Law School, I'd be in class right now! School started this week. Not sure how I'm feeling about it. On one hand I'm bummed that another year will pass without working toward my law degree, but on the other hand I am relieved!

Relieved that I don't have the financial commitment and relieved I don't have the brain commitment.

I can't imagine juggling the class load with my boys still needing to be parented. I've talked about this before. For all you naysayers who don't believe teenagers need parenting, I'd like to see how screwed up your kids are... or you don't have children so I really don't give a damn what your opinion is on this parenting issue.

I opted to not pursue law school because it would cost me close to 100k and I just can't justify that expense with three sons to put through college. Brian and I made a pact a long time ago that if possible we want the boys to graduate school debt free. It's an ambitious goal considering the cost of college. We already have one in a private university and who knows what the other two will opt for.

I've had my run with school. I went to both undergraduate and graduate school and hold a Master's Degree. I paid for that degree for many years after graduating and it ain't fun, so if possible the boys will not have to carry this debt. That doesn't mean they don't have to pull their weight. Translation: they either are collegiate athletes or collegiate workers!

Anyway back to the law school issue... given the way our business has been the past few years (meaning very down!) and the uncertainty of the economy, I just couldn't make the plunge and feel like a responsible adult doing it ...

So while a part of me is very disappointed, the other part of me is happy that I can continue being the Mom I want to be to my boys while not running our family into debt. It means also that I can continue working in politics and continue to make change to better the lives of women. Not a bad gig I say.

Maybe I'll win the lottery when the boys are all in college and then I can enroll in law school... who knows, but for today, I'm content not laboring over law books!


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