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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 116: Here, There, and Everywhere

Here, there, everywhere... that's how I feel ... Running to this appointment, scheduling that appointment, juggling every one's schedules ... there's the orthodontist appointments, more than usual as we pray braces will be removed before school begins in September. There are chiropractor and acupuncture appointments for Spencer's chronic neck pain; ACN meetings to host at the house to promote our new business which is taking over Brian's life; College boy having blood work done to test for Mono, hoping it's just a sinus infection!; Visiting relatives post surgeries; School shopping for socks, shorts, backpacks and those damn school forms to be filled out; Apple computer appointments; work commitments; political commitments; blogging commitments; marketing, cooking, endless loads of laundry; gas for the car; new car has low tire pressure, why!!!! Birthday presents to buy ... I think I am going to SCREAM!!!
I feel like I look like this woman in the photo above!

People wonder why I can't see them or return their phone calls... I can barely breathe and take care of myself so if you feel slighted, get in line!

Some days it's all too much and today was one of those days ... it just never ends. I'm exhausted ...


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