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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 115: 9 Miles

As I write this post very late tonight, I'm still sitting on ice packs! Oh my gosh! Adding one mile a week is going to be very painful for me. I increased my beach run this morning to 9 miles.

As I write this post I'm wondering how, if I feel this sore and exhausted, am I going to run 13 miles in less than a month for the Disneyland Half Marathon? The answer is, I don't know!

Seriously, I really don't know how I could run more... maybe it's just how I feel at the moment: sore, aching, wiped out... that is creating these thoughts in my head, but the thought of pounding out an additional 4 miles seems unattainable.

The new problem are the blisters that develop after each long run on the side of my feet. Huge, painful blisters. Might be the fit of the running shoes ... and then there's the burning on the bottom of my feet generated from the nerve damage originating from my lower back. Ouch is all I can say. I am running with A LOT of pain and now blisters.

Gee, I can't wait till next week when I get to run 10 miles!


matty b said...

Hey Robyn! Congratulations on running 9 miles! That is huge! I am also participating in the Disney Half and wanted to give you some words of encouragement! I am a running coach and hope I can add some advice as well. Next week should be your last long run. 10 miles is more than enough to get you across the finish line in 3 weeks! Your last week before race day should be a taper, meaning, a lightened load on your legs. For example, if you are running 25 miles/week, cut that back to 12 miles (if you add in race day, it still works out to 25 total miles that week). Run on the days that you are normally running on, but go easier and for less miles. It will help your legs heal from all the pounding you have put on them without making them idle. If done correctly, you should feel great and ready to go on race morning. As far as the blisters go. There is a product called, Bodyglide. It is a balm that creates a natural barrier between you and whatever is rubbing giving you those blisters. Put some on your feet where you are normally getting blisters and the problem should be taken care of. Hope that helps! Keep up the hard work! Your sweat and tears are going to pay off in 3 weeks! Good luck!

Robyn Ritter Simon said...

Hi Matty,

Thank you very much for your great message! I appreciate all your advice and suggestions! And the encouragement is very helpful! I train with a professional athletic trainer and she has me on a similar running schedule and has also suggested remedies for the blisters! See you in Disneyland at the race! Thank you!!!!

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