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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 114: School Emergency Forms

Ugh! The boy's school packets arrived today with endless forms to be filled out and dates to be paid attention to! UGH!!!! Once those arrive it's like you are suppose to shift back to school mode, but school doesn't start for a month already! Not until September 13! I do not even want to think about Brandon returning to college or Harrison & Spencer going back to High School!!

Juggling all the back-to-school dates: one for registration; one to change your class schedule; one to book airline ticket to send college boy back to Oregon; then all the holiday schedules and juggling every one's schedule so you can coordinate to be together! Ugh again!

I resented receiving the packets today because now my mind has to absorb all these dates and I feel pressure to get the forms filled out and returned by all the varying due dates! I don't want any more dates to remember in my head! It's enough with all that we have going on now... the new school year always brings endless dates and commitments and I'm not in the mood today!

While I know it's inevitable that the boys return to their studies, I just wasn't ready to get the packets today reminding me that it's just around the corner. I want to soak up every minute left of summer with them and these damn forms are an eyesore on my desk!


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