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Monday, January 2, 2012

New York at Christmas Time

So the college boy turns 21 in February. Like many folks do, they celebrate this milestone occasion in Las Vegas or a place where the kid can order a drink legally.

Well, Brandon will be in Idaho playing baseball on his 21st Birth
day as the season will have begun. So he received an early birthday present... a trip to New York with his girlfriend Kalli to visit Aunt Jennifer.

Wow did thes
e two kids have a wonderful time and we were so happy for them.

Something about New York in the winter and around the Holidays. So festive & sparkly and cozy. Aunt Jennifer and beau Kevin of course showered them with food & fun and they tooled around the city exploring and mastering the subways.

Pictured above is Brandon with Kalli and pictured to the right is Brandon with Aunt Jennifer.

They ate slices of pizza, visited the Statue of Liberty, checked out ice skating at Rockef
eller Square, and absorbed the holiday spirit that is so prevalent in the city that never sleeps.

Jen and Kevin were wonderful hosts and the big kids had a great time ushering in the New Year with them.

There's a 12 year age difference between Jennifer and I. When she was born both my sister Michele and I treated her like a doll and an extension of our toy collection. We took her everywhere and she was part of our clique as the cute little baby.

It's wonderful to flash forward all these ye
ars and watch her relationship with my boy's. They are close enough in age that while they are not in the same stage of life, they certainly can relate to one another. Makes for a special bond.

What a splendid way to ring in 2012!


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