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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Are We Full Yet?

What is it with the Holidays and all the gorging!?

Who knows but did we eat our way to the New Year or what! I gotta say though it sure was fun.

Pictured above are Robyn & Brian at our annual Lawry's Holiday dinner. And to the right are friends Melody Ros
et & Ken Erlich at our holiday open house party!

There was a big family Hanukkah celebration, a holiday open house at the Simon's, the annual Lawry's dinner with Suzee and family ... and it just kept going! Here are some gorgeous pictures that captured all our fun!

The best holiday gift of course was having all the boy's home and under one roof... we partied with friends and family, we held to traditions, and we ate really scrumptious holiday dishes!

Look at these beautiful teenagers... above are Lisette, Brandon B., my Brandon and Kalli, all smiles and full of love.

To the right is proud mama with her teenagers Harrison & Spencer!

Pictured above are Robyn & Kalli and to the right are Suzee & Brian ... all smiles with full bellies of love, food & wine!

Whatever you did over the holidays or whomever you ushered the New Year in with, I hope it was full of love, laughter and gratitude!

Here we come 2012!


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