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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 New Beginnings

Ah it's been so long my dear followers of my Birthday Blog! But I'm back and fired up for the New Year, new beginnings, new friendships, new adventures and anything new that will contribute to my health, wealth or happiness. Doesn't that sound magical?!

I have missed sharing my daily musings with you all and look forward
to re-connecting. As I close the chapter on 2011 I must acknowledge some milestones that shaped this past year.

I ran a Marathon, yes that's 26.2 miles! I turned 50 years old as did my life partner, Brian. We also celebrated our 24th Wedding Anniversary. I ushered our three teenage boys into their Junior years of school, one in college, two in High School. I worked on several political campaigns for rockin' women, some who won, others who sadly lost their races (other than losing their bids for office, they are truly winners for just running!)

Pictured here are me and friend & athletic trainer
Melody Roset crossing the finish line of the LA Marathon in pouring down rain.

I helped my niece Olivia navigate the college maze and welcomed home my other niece Zoe from Utah; I cheered as my friend Eka re-kindled and married an old flame from years past; I lost my voice countless times chanting GO PALI as my twin sons Harrison & Spencer rocked the baseball field and ended the season making All League Conference; I traveled to Salem, Oregon to rally my son Brandon as he pitched his way to All Conference as well; and surprisingly for the first time since I was a child we spent two weeks in our beloved Bass Lake vacation house with a rotating door of fabulous friends & family.

Pictured here is my son Brandon & niece Olivia at Brandon's baseball game.

Of all the beautiful mem
ories created in 2011, there were also pains and losses along the way. Mimi Martin, beloved mom-in-law to my dear friend Lisa Martin, lost her battle with cancer and we all had to say good-bye. Never easy to lose a loved one...

But of all the sorrows this past year the one that weighs the heaviest and is the most painful for me to reconcile, is having to console a dear friend whose one month old baby passed away from SIDS. There are few words to be uttered when such a horrific tragedy occurs. All I can say is rest in peace sweet baby Ethan, we all miss you.

Each of these reflections hold a special place in my heart and as we enter 2012 I may circle bac
k to each of them to add more detail to the stories that touched me this past year. In the meantime, today is an opportunity to look forward, move forward and implement my intentions for 2012. For now it's off to hike with Brian, our trusted companion-dog Bailey and dear friend Suzee Markowitz. Great way to start the morning!

Pictured here to the left is me & Brian celebrating our joint 50th Birthdays!

PS The photo above captures
Brandon, 20, Harrison, 16, and Spencer, 16, jumping for joy to ring in the New Year. They are my life & pride and joy!


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