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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 364: On the Eve of One Year

Wow, I can't believe tonight is the eve of ONE year since I launched my Birthday Blog! One year of sharing my life from the most mundane activities or thoughts, to the extravagant & outrageous. It's been a fabulous journey to chronicle my daily life.

The beauty of this Blog is that I now I have a living diary full of animation and color and it makes me so happy. I set this goal and stuck to it and now I can review everything I did, felt, and experienced from my 49th Birthday celebration in New York until tonight.

Many of you have asked if I was going to continue posting about my life and the answer is YES! I want to keep this living, open book alive. Writing daily gives me an outlet to reflect, share, grow, explore and give shout outs to special people in my life.

I set many goals on my 49th Birthday ... to launch a daily blog, to run a marathon, to get healthy & fit, to be strong, to help women run for office, to attend as many of my boy's baseball games as possible, and I have accomplished all of this.

WOW! it feels amazing!


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Thank you so much for your interest in my 49th year! I appreciate your support! -Robyn