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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 365: Happy 50 Years to Me


Pink is my signature color

When listening to Gospel Music I cry because I’m so moved

I’m obsessed with cocktail napkins & you having one under your drink

I light candles every night in my house even if it’s just me home alone

I say intentions for the day ahead every morning when I wake up

I drink gallons of water a day

I won most Vivacious in High School, Brian won most Understanding, they still hold true

I get anxiety going to Costco

I would have my hair styled everyday if I could afford to

I have worn the same fragrance for 25 years, Tiffany

My favorite designer is Coco Chanel

I’m obsessed with your beverage being served in the correct stemware

The more bling & glitz, the better

My favorite sport is of course Baseball

I hold a Master’s Degree in Broadcast Management from Pepperdine University

I expect a lot, because I give a lot

Fine is never acceptable, you should aim for outstanding

I drink vodka martinis up, cold and with olives

I believe in equal rights for all

I would die for my children

I hosted my own public affairs television show at the age of 27

I wish we could all be foster parents

I’m passionate about more women in public office

. I cry watching the news

I believe being graceful is always in style

I believe intelligence is sexy

I was born a blonde & believe we do have more fun

Peonies are my favorite flowers

I adore my big & blended family & feel blessed to have them in my life

I love my children to the moon & the stars & back again

I believe motherhood is a job, and the best one to hold

I love drinking champagne anytime of the day or night

I miss my mom Suzanne everyday

I believe we can all do better

I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without my partner Brian

I love to travel, but always miss home

I believe in Sisterhood

My daily beverages include coffee, water, vodka & wine

I am passionate about food

I love to dress up

I love to soak in a swimming pool with a cocktail

I’m too old to drink cheap wine & it must be chilled

I’m blessed to have a circle of friends who enrich my life

I’m grateful for my beautiful home built my builder hubby

I have no regrets about running for office, except maybe that I didn’t win

I feel like a winner in life because I at least tried

It has been a colorful 50 years

I have a long to do list for the next 50

I hope you will all be with me on the journey

I’m at peace, but not finished


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Thank you so much for your interest in my 49th year! I appreciate your support! -Robyn